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大山 英明(産総研),前田太郎(東京大学工学部),舘 日章(東京大学工学部)

Tele-existence Robots: Facts and Fiction

Eimei Oyama (AIST), Taro Maeda (School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo), and Susumu Tachi (School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo)


Tele-existence, or telepresence, is an advanced form of tele-operation, which enables a human operator to remotely perform tasks with dexterity, providing the user with the feeling that he or she is present in the remote location. Although tele-existence/telepresence as an engineering concept was proposed in 1979-1981, a comic titled “Jumborg A” proposed and illustrated a primitive tele-existence robot control system in 1970. As a matter of fact, some fictitious robot control systems in novels, comics, animations, and movies precede real robot control systems. In this paper, we will introduce the history of tele-existence robots, both in terms of current technology and science fiction.

Tele-existence, Teleexistence, Telepresence, Science Fiction, Jumborg A

Eimei Oyama 2001-11-10