Outline of study

The supporters of the person with disabilities ages by the declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people. They are required that the support of the person with disabilities can continue in such future, the social involvement of the person with disabilities is promoted, and the society where the people in the multiple generation / multifarious can play an active part is designed.

In this project, we are aiming the realization of the brand-new social system where the person with visual impairment in the multi generation can support their mobility mutually by their collaborative creation. Specifically, we develop the navigation system where the general-purpose mobile terminal carried by the persons with visual impairment can collect the mobility accessibility information automatically and share them each other through the cloud system. By this system, the barrier-free information which used to be collected by the volunteer conventionally will be built-up as big data and will be delivered in real time. Furthermore, we try to establish the design method of community where the mobility support of the person with visual impairment in the multi generation is at center, and try to institutionalize it by legislating and/or standardizing, through the social demonstration in the community.

This figure shows the concept of Development of Mobility Assist System for the People with Visual Impairment by Collaborative Creation of Multiple Generations. In this figure, there is the following four study themes surrounding the cloud computer: 1. mobility accessiblity information, 2. navigation, 3.training, and 4.social demonstration.
Fig. Overview of our projetct.


Funds of Research

Events and outcome of study