Study of Sensor Glove

Contents of study

This was the work that Yoshikazu Seki studied from 1994 to 1995. As an evaluation method for industrial products that are operated with hand grasping (such as steering wheel, handrail), Yoshikazu Seki contributed development and improvement of hand pressure distribution sensor, Sensor Glove. Yoshikazu Seki et al. took out US and Japanese patents for invention of the pressure distribution sensor with high flexibility that was used on the improved Sensor Glove. Yoshikazu Seki also developed total evaluation system for hand grasping, combining finger joint angle sensor etc. on the market with Sensor Glove.

This is a figure of the improved Sensor Glove. This figure shows a glove with sheet-state pressure sensors on its surface. Next sentence is a title of this figure.
Improved Sensor Glove.


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