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+(A list of literatures under single or joint authorship with "田林 雄")

共著回数と共著者名 (a list of the joint author(s))

    9: 田林 雄

    3: 山室 真澄

    1: 伊藤田 直史, 大森 博雄, 小室 隆, 木庭 啓介, 榊原 厚一, 池田 浩一, 片山 美祐子, 辻村 真貴

発行年とタイトル (Title and year of the issue(s))

    2004: 都市化地域における河川水質と土地利用の関係 [Net] [Bib]
    Relationship between River Water Quality and Land Use in Urbanized Area [Net] [Bib]

    2007: 下総台地の都市化地域における河川水質の形成要因(H124 013) [Net] [Bib]
    Factor governing the river water quality in the urbanizing area, studied in the Shimousa upland(H124 013) [Net] [Bib]

    2008: 下総台地北西部の河川水質における降雨・地表面・地下水の寄与(H126 005) [Net] [Bib]
    Rain, Land surface and ground water contribution for the river water quality in the north western part of the Shimousa Upland(H126 005) [Net] [Bib]

    2009: 窒素飽和過程における渓流水硝酸イオン濃度および硝酸イオン中酸素の安定同位体比 [Net] [Bib]
    Oxygen Stable Isotope Ratios of Nitrate and Nitrate Concentration in Stream Water during the Course of Nitrogen Saturation [Net] [Bib]

    2009: 荒川上流域の渓流水質の硝酸イオンの濃度・窒素同位体比の分布(H128 015) [Net] [Bib]
    d15N and d18O of nitrate distribution in the upstream of Ara River(H128 015) [Net] [Bib]

    2011: 埼玉県秩父地方における森林土壌中の重金属濃度(AHW024 07) [Net] [Bib]
    Heavy metal concentration of forest soil in Chichibu region, Saitama prefecture(AHW024 07) [Net] [Bib]

    2012: 大気降下窒素が渓流水に流出する過程 [Net] [Bib]
    Mechanism of Reactive Nitrogen Deposition on the Nitrogen Leaching [Net] [Bib]

    2014: 龍泉洞周辺地域における地表水・地下水の水文・水質特性と地質条件 [Net] [Bib]
    Hydrology and chemistry of surface water and ground water of Ryusendo region [Net] [Bib]

    2017: 小型ROVを用いた水中3D地図の作成 [Net] [Bib]
    3D map generation using small ROV [Net] [Bib]

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