CrossSong Puzzle: Generating and Unscrambling Music Mash-ups with Real-time Interactivity

'15- SMC 2015

Jordan B. L. Smith, Graham Percival, Jun Kato, Masataka Goto and Satoru Fukayama - Media Interaction Group, AIST

CrossSong is a new music-based puzzle game that is presented at SMC 2015. The player must listen carefully to music mash-ups. By finding the tiles that go together, the player can unscramble the grid.

Playable Game

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Playing the game requires Chrome 42 or higher; untested on other browsers.

Call for Music

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If you are interested in creating a puzzle with your music, please let us know!

SMC Paper

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Presentation slides are available at the bottom of this page.

Example Gameplay

Presentation Slides

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