The CrossSong Puzzle:

A logic puzzle for musical thinking

'15-17 SMC 2015

Jordan B. L. Smith, Graham Percival, Jun Kato, Masataka Goto and Satoru Fukayama - Media Interaction Group, AIST

CrossSong is a music-based puzzle game in which players have to listen carefully to mashups and reassemble the original pieces.

The game was initially presented at SMC 2015, where it won the Best Paper Award. An expanded version of the work was published in the Journal of New Music Research.

Playable Game

Solve a CrossSong Puzzle

Playing the game requires Chrome 42 or higher; untested on other browsers.


Read the 2017 JNMR paper

Read the 2015 SMC paper

Presentation slides are available at the bottom of this page.

Call for Music

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If you are interested in creating a puzzle with your music, please let us know!

Example Gameplay

SMC 2015 Presentation Slides

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