CrossSong Puzzle Demo

'15- SMC 2015

Jordan B. L. Smith, Graham Percival, Jun Kato, Masataka Goto and Satoru Fukayama - Media Interaction Group, AIST

CrossSong is a music-based puzzle game in which players have to listen carefully to mashups and reassemble the original pieces.

You can try a 2x2, 3x3 or 4x4 puzzle. Playing the game requires Chrome 42 or higher; untested on other browsers.


2x2 CrossSong Puzzle

Try a small puzzle to get a sense of how the controls work and how the mashups sound.


3x3 CrossSong Puzzle

In the first intermediate level, two rows and columns are almost complete. A good technique is to choose one, focus on its sound, and then search for the missing tile in the rest of the grid.


4x4 CrossSong Puzzle

If you feel up to the challenge, dive into a challenging 4x4 puzzle!