Dr. Aiko NARAZAKI is a principal research manager of Research Institute for Advanced Electronics and Photonics (RIAEP), and a group leader of Innovative Laser Processing group in RIAEP, AIST.
Our group focuses on microfabrication and substance delivery utilizing laser light, that are attractive in various fields from manufacturing to medical treatments, and their roles are expected to increase more and more in the future. We have explored the interaction between light and matter which is the essence of laser processes. Now, we are working on laser-induced transfer of bioactive materials and nano/micro-dots, laser micromachining of various materials using innovative laser sources, and so many innovative laser-related techniques.
We look forward to working with you who are interested in laser light sources and processes active in cutting-edge science and industry!

Recent research topics:

1. Material delivery by laser-induced transfer:

Based on laser-induced transfer, we have developed new delivery techniques of soft materials like proteins and cells for medical applications as well as direct-write (additive manufacturing) of small dots like nano-particles!

2. Data-driven laser processing:

In order to acheive next-generation productivity and quality, we have developed a new data-driven laser processing which possibly optimizes process parameters real-time based on 3 core technologies; active laser control, in-process monitoring and AI.

3. Ultrafast laser procedssing of ceramics:

We developed a novel ultrafast pulse laser system which can vary several parameters in a wide range such as the pulse duration of 400 fs to 400 ps! Using this system, the ultrafast laser processing like micro-drilling and cutting has been investigated for a variety of ceramics.

4.Laser microfabrication of various materials and devices:

We will provide a total solution by consistently working from laser microfabrication of materials and devices to detail characterization.

5. Laser surface modification

Laser irradiation is applicable to 3D and fast surface modification.

6. Real-time measurements & simulation of laser processing

News & events

Jan. 2024 One invited talk at Photonics West 2024 in San Francisco, US by our group member, Dai Yoshitomi.
"Data-driven ultrashort pulse laser processing using deep neural network for shape prediction and in-process monitoring", Dai Yoshitomi, Hideyuki Takada, Takemichi Miyoshi, Daisuke Nagai, Godai Miyaji, Aiko Narazaki.
Dec. 2023 One keynote talk at 4th International Conference on Optics, Photonics, and Lasers (OPL-2023), in Hiroshima, Japan.
"Laser-induced forward transfer of bioactive film and ink", Aiko Narazaki, Maki Nakamura, Ayako Oyane, Hirofumi Miyaji.
Sep. 2023 One invited talk at International Workshop on Laser Material Processing and Applications (LMPA 2023), in Takayama, Japan.
"Data-driven ultrashort pulse laser processing based on fast laser modulation, in-process monitoring & AI optimization ", Aiko Narazaki, Dai Yoshitomi, Hideyuki Takada, Godai Miyaji.
Jul. 2023 Our latest research on femtosecond LDW of proteinous microstructures has been published.
“Towards understanding the mechanism of 3D printing using protein: Femtosecond laser direct writing of microstructures made from homopeptides”,D. Serien, A. Narazaki, K. Sugioka, Acta Biomaterialia, 164 (2023) 139-150;
Jun. 2023 One invited talk at PULMM2023 Progress in Ultrafast Laser Modifications of Materials,Nikko, Japan.
"Data-driven ultrashort pulse laser processing based on fast laser modulation, in-process monitoring and AI optimization",Aiko Narazaki, Dai Yoshitomi, Hideyuki Takada, Godai Miyaji.
Apr. 2023 Dr.Masaki Yumoto joined our group! He is an expert in mid-IR lasers and the applications.