Dr. Aiko NARAZAKI is a group leader of Innovative Laser Processing group (, in AIST.
Our group focuses on microfabrication and substance delivery utilizing laser light, that are attractive in various fields from manufacturing to medical treatments, and their roles are expected to increase more and more in the future. We have explored the interaction between light and matter which is the essence of laser processes. Now, we are working on laser-induced transfer of bioactive materials and nano/micro-dots, laser micromachining of various materials using innovative laser sources, and so many innovative laser-related techniques.
We look forward to working with you who are interested in laser light sources and processes active in cutting-edge science and industry!

Recent research topics:

1. Material delivery by laser-induced transfer:

Based on laser-induced transfer, we have developed new delivery techniques of soft materials like proteins and cells for medical applications as well as direct-write (additive manufacturing) of small dots like nano-particles!

2. Ultrafast laser procedssing of ceramics:

We have recently developed a novel ultrafast pulse laser system which can vary several parameters in a wide range such as the pulse duration of 400 fs to 400 ps! Using this system, the ultrafast laser processing like micro-drilling and cutting has been investigated for a variety of ceramics.

3.Laser microfabrication of various materials and devices:

We will provide a total solution by consistently working from laser microfabrication of materials and devices to detail characterization.

4. Laser surface modification

Laser irradiation is applicable to 3D and fast surface modification.

5. Real-time measurements & simulation of laser processing

News & events

Jun. 2021 One invited talk at Optics-2021, 2nd International Summit on OPTICS, PHOTONICS AND LASER TECHNOLOGIES (virtual event). (
May 2021 Our research proposal on new active laser machining technology has been adopted by NEDO Leading Project. The project leader is Dr. Aiko Narazaki and main participants are Prof. Yohei Kobayashi from The University of Tokyo, Prof. Godai Miyaji from Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Olympus, and Mitsubishi Electric.
May 2021 "Handbook of Laser Micro- and Nano-Engineering" was published from Springer. I wrote one chapter on how to evaluate the laser-processed samples in the handbook.
Narazaki A. (2021) Characterization of Laser-Processed Samples. In: Sugioka K. (eds) Handbook of Laser Micro- and Nano-Engineering.
Apr. 2021 Dr.Daniela Serien joined our group! She is an expert in laser 3D printing of proteins.
Mar. 2021 PHOTONICS WEST 2021 was successfully held as a vitrual event. As one of the chairs of the LAMOM conference, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the participants.
Jan. 2021 Prof. Yoshiki Nakata, who is my collaborator, published additive patterning of nanodots by fs-LIFT as below.
“Laser-Induced Transfer of Noble Metal Nanodots with Femtosecond Laser-Interference Processing”, Y. Nakata, K. Tsubakimoto, N. Miyanaga, A. Narazaki, T. Shoji, Y. Tsuboi, Nanomaterials, 11 (2021) 305.
Dec. 2020 Our paper on the fast & wide investigation of laser parameters for laser processing of ceramics was published as below.
“Ultrafast Laser Processing of Ceramics: Comprehensive Survey of Laser Parameters”, A. Narazaki, H. Takada, D. Yoshitomi, K. Torizuka, Y. Kobayashi, Journal of Laser Applications, 33 (2020) 012009.
Nov. 2020 Our recent work about on-demand delivery of bioactive microchips by LIFT was publised as the Feature Article.
“Laser-Induced Forward Transfer with Optical Stamp of a Protein-Immobilized Calcium Phosphate Film Prepared by Biomimetic Process to a Human Dentin”, A. Narazaki, A. Oyane, H. Miyaji, Applied Sciences, 10, (2020) 7984.
Nov. 2020 2 invited lectures on USP in the OPTRONICS seminar and Japan Laser Processing Society.
Sep. 2020 3 invited lectures on LIFT & USP in JJAP, Laser summner school, and reseach symposium in Osaka univ.
Jun. 2020 I had a talk about ultrafast laser processing of ceramics at LPM2020 held online for the first time. (
Apr. 2020 Our latest research on LIFT of Au nanodots has been published.
“ Nanodot array deposition via single shot laser interference pattern using laser-induced forward transfer”,
Yoshiki Nakata, Eiki Hayashi, Koji Tsubakimoto, Noriaki Miyanaga, Aiko Narazaki, Tatsuya Shoji, and Yasuyuki Tsuboi, International Journal of Extreme Manufacturing, 2 (2020) 025101.
Apr. 2020 Our department name has been changed to "Research Institute for Advanced Electronics and Photonics".
Our group continues to work on innovative laser processing!
Mar. 2020 Our latest research on ultrafast laser processing of ceramics has been published.
“ Study on nonthermal-thermal processing boundary in drilling of ceramics using ultrashort pulse laser system with variable parameters over a wide range”,
Aiko Narazaki, Hideyuki Takada, Dai Yoshitomi, Kenji Torizuka, and Yohei Kobayashi, Applied Physics A, 126 (2020) 252.
Feb. 2020 I had a lecture at the 3rd "Development of new applications by high quality of high frequency lasers" workshop. The title was "Latest technology trends of laser processing with focusing on ultra-short pulse laser processing". The venue was a very nice atmosphere at Innovator's Garage in Nadia Park, which recently opened in Nagoya, Japan.