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+(A list of literatures under single or joint authorship with "YOSHIDA Masaki")

共著回数と共著者名 (a list of the joint author(s))

    36: YOSHIDA Masaki

    5: HONDA Satoru

    4: IWASE Yasuyuki

    3: ADAM Claudia, FUKAO Yoshio, SUETSUGU Daisuke, TAJIMA Fumiko

    2: KAGEYAMA Akira, OGAWA Masaki, SANTOSH M., SENO Tetsuzo

    1: BARRUOL Guilhem, CADIO Cecilia, ISSE Takehi, KANAZAWA Toshihiko, KIDO Motoyuki, MORISHIGE Manabu, NAKAKUKI Tomoeki, OHTANI Eiji, OOTORII Sakie, SANTOSH Madhava, SHIOBARA Hajime, SUGIOKA Hiroko

発行年とタイトル (Title and year of the issue(s))

    1998: A Possible Effect of Stiff Continental Lithosphere on 3 D Mantle Convection in a Spherical Shell (T32A 8) [Net] [Bib]

    1999: Generation of plumes under a localized high viscosity lid in 3 D spherical shell convection [Net] [Bib]

    2000: The timescales of plume generation caused by continental aggregation [Net] [Bib]

    2001: Numerical simulation for the prediction of the plate motions: Effects of lateral viscosity variations in the lithosphere [Net] [Bib]

    2001: Why and Where do Large Shallow Slab Earthquakes Occur? [Net] [Bib]

    2003: Core mantle boundary topography estimated from numerical simulations of instantaneous mantle flow [Net] [Bib]

    2004: Application of the Yin Yang grid to a thermal convection of a Boussinesq fluid with infinite Prandtl number in a three dimensional spherical shell [Net] [Bib]

    2004: Possible effects of lateral viscosity variations induced by plate tectonic mechanism on geoid inferred from numerical models of mantle convection [Net] [Bib]

    2004: The role of hot uprising plumes in the initiation of plate like regine of three dimensional mantle convection [Net] [Bib]

    2004: Where and why do large shallow intraslab earthquakes occur? [Net] [Bib]

    2005: Plume heat flow in a numerical model of mantle convection with moving plates [Net] [Bib]

    2006: Low degree mantle convection with strongly temperature and depth dependent viscosity in a three dimensional spherical shell [Net] [Bib]

    2006: Possible effects of lateral viscosity variations induced by subducting plates on topography and geoid anomaly(U21A 0811) [Net] [Bib]

    2007: French Polynesia Hotspot Swells Explained by Dynamic Topography(T21B 0599) [Net] [Bib]

    2008: Mantle Convection with Longest wavelength Thermal Heterogeneity in 3 D Spherical Shell: Degree One or Two? (X2 049) [Net] [Bib]

    2008: Mantle convection with longest wavelength thermal heterogeneity in a 3 D spherical model: Degree one or two? [Net] [Bib]

    2009: Effects on the long wavelength geoid anomaly of lateral viscosity variations caused by stiff subducting slabs, weak plate margins and lower mantle rheology [Net] [Bib]

    2010: Origin of the South Pacific Superswell constrained by tomographic models(SIT040 17) [Net] [Bib]

    2010: Temporal evolution of the stress state in a supercontinent during mantle reorganization [Net] [Bib]

    2011: Future supercontinent assembled in the northern hemisphere [Net] [Bib]

    2011: Supercontinents, mantle dynamics and plate tectonics: A perspective based on conceptual vs. numerical models [Net] [Bib]

    2012: Dynamic role of the rheological contrast between cratonic and oceanic lithospheres in the longevity of cratonic lithosphere: A three dimensional numerical study [Net] [Bib]

    2012: Plume's buoyancy and heat fluxes from the deep mantle estimated by an instantaneous mantle flow simulation based on the S40RTS global seismic tomography model [Net] [Bib]

    2012: The 3D numerical modeling of subduction dynamics: Plate stagnation and segmentation, and crustal advection in the wet mantle transition zone [Net] [Bib]

    2013: Mantle temperature under drifting deformable continents during the supercontinent cycle [Net] [Bib]

    2013: On the possibility of a folded crustal layer stored in the hydrous mantle transition zone [Net] [Bib]

    2013: The role of harzburgite layers in the morphology of subducting plates and the behavior of oceanic crustal layers [Net] [Bib]

    2014: A new conceptual model for whole mantle convection and the origin of hotspot plumes [Net] [Bib]

    2014: Effects of various lithospheric yield stresses and different mantle heating modes on the breakup of the Pangea supercontinent [Net] [Bib]

    2014: Geodynamic modeling of the South Pacific superswell [Net] [Bib]

    2014: Mantle convection modeling of the supercontinent cycle: Introversion, extroversion, or a combination? [Net] [Bib]

    2015: Conjecture with water and rheological control for subducting slab in the mantle transition zone [Net] [Bib]

    2016: Formation of a future supercontinent through plate motion driven flow coupled with mantle downwelling flow [Net] [Bib]

    2017: On approximations of the basic equations of terrestrial mantle convection used in published literature [Net] [Bib]

    2017: Re evaluation of the regional tectonic stress fields and faulting regimes in central Kyushu, Japan, behind the 2016 Mw 7.0 Kumamoto Earthquake [Net] [Bib]

    2017: Trench dynamics: Effects of dynamically migrating trench on subducting slab morphology and characteristics of subduction zones systems [Net] [Bib]

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