Deputy director, Health Research Institute of AIST since 2015. Adjoint Professor of Tokyo University between 2014 and 2016, Adjoint Professor of Tokyo Denki University since 2005. Project leader of IEC/SC 62D/JWG 35 (Safety of surgical robot). Board member of Japan Society of Computer Aided Surgery (JSCAS), Science board member (2018-) and an external expert (2005-) of Pharmaceuticals and Medical Device Agency (PMDA) Japan.

Research works in the fields of biomedical engineering including surgical robotics, MR (magnetic resonance) robotics, biomechanics for surgery, and regulatory science for medical devices.

2015.7 –
Project leader, IEC/TC 62/SC 62D/JWG 35, ISO/TC 299/JWG 5 “Medical robot for surgery“.
2015.4 –
Deputy Director, Health Research Institute, AIST. (Current main affiliation)
2014.4 – 2017.3
Adjoint Professor, Dept. Bioengineering, School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo.
2013.4 – 2015.3
Deputy Director, Human Technology Research Institute, AIST.
2012.4 – 2013.3
Senior Planning Manager, AIST Headquaters
Senior Researcher, Human Technology Research Institute, AIST.
2011.6 –
National expert, IEC/TC 62/SC 62A/JWG 9/ISO/TC 299/JWG 5 “Medical electrical equipment and systems using robotic technology
2005.5 – 2012.3
Leader, Surgical Assist Technology Group.
2005.5 –
Adjoint professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Tokyo Denki University,
Lecturer, Dept. Neurosurgery of Tokyo Women’s Medical University.
2004.5 – 2005.4
Principal Reviewer, Office of Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency.
2003.4 – 2004.4
Adjoint associate professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Tokyo Denki University.
Launch Surgical Assist Technology Group, Leader
Research Fellow, Surgical Planning Laboratory, Brigham & Women’s Hospital. (- March 2003)
2000.5 –
Lecturer, Dept. Neurosurgery of Tokyo Women’s Medical University.
Join Biomechanics Div., MEL (Mechanical Engineering Laboratory), AIST, Japan.
Awarded Ph.D. from Univ. of Tokyo.
Study at CVAP Lab., Royal Inst Tech, Sweden. Joined EEC project “Vision As Process”.