Yoshio Kato Lab

Yoshio KATO (Ph.D)

Yoshio KATO


Creating the key molecules to understand the biological phenomena.

Employment history

1995.04-1999.03 (Japan)
 Chemistry, College of Natural Science, University of Tsukuba (B.Sc.)
1999.04-2001.03 (Japan)
 Agriculture, Graduate School of Agriculture, University of Tsukuba (M.Sc)
2001.04-2004.03 (Japan)
 Chemistry & Biotechnology, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo (Ph.D.)
2002.04-2004.03 (Japan)
 Research fellow, JSPS Research fellowships (DC1)
2004.04-2004.12 (Japan)
 Posdoc, Cell proliferation research team, Gene Function Research Center, AIST, Tsukuba
2005.01-2009.12 (Japan)
 Researcher (Tenure track), Gene Function Research Center, AIST, Tsukuba
2010.01-2012.09 (Japan)
 Staff Researcher (Tenure), Research Institute for Cell Engineering, AIST, Tsukuba
2010.02-2011.02 (USA)
 Research Associate, Barbas Laboratory, The Scripps Research Institute
2012.10-2013.09 (Japan)
 Planning Officer, Headquarter, AIST, Tokyo
2013.10-present (Japan)
 Lecturer, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), Tokyo
2018.04-present (Japan)
 Group Leader, Biomedical Research Institute, AIST, Tsukuba



Grant (present)

Collaborations with private enterprises x5


y-kato (at) aist.go.jp