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EPP 1.1.0 Beta3 Documents for Plug-in Programmers

Known Bugs
Information on currently known bugs of EPP.

EPP Architecture Overview
Overview of the EPP architecture for programmers who implement plug-ins.

Plug-in Programming Tutorial
(Under contruction...)

EPP Framework API
Class descriptions and explanations for plug-in programmers. These are javadoc-generated documents. (Note that the package name is refered to as "epp". However, the actual name is "jp.go.etl.epp.epp)

Standard/Extended Java Abstract Syntax Tree Format
Abstract Syntax Tree format expressing standard or extended Java programs.

Java Grammar Accepted by EPP
Java grammar accpeted by EPP described in extended BNF. Plug-ins extend the grammar based on this grammar.

SystemMixin Plug-in User's Manual
Explains the SystemMixin plug-in.

BackQuote plug-in users manual
Explains the BackQuote plug-in.

Plug-in Development Reference
Explains commands and other related issues involved in the development of plug-ins.

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