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+(A list of literatures under single or joint authorship with "GAILLOT Philippe")

共著回数と共著者名 (a list of the joint author(s))

    7: GAILLOT Philippe

    2: CONIN Marianne, KYAW THU Moe

    1: BOISELET Aurelien, BOURLANGE Sylvain, CK06-06 D/V ちきゅう研究区画乗船者一同, CUREWITZ Daniel, DUCHESNE Mathieu J., GOLDBERG Dave, HENRY Pierre, IODP Expedition 314 Scientists, ITO Hisao, JURADO Maria Jose, KIDO Yukari, KURAMOTO Shin'ichi, Leg 196 Scientific Party, MASAGO Hideki, MOE Kyaw, MYERS Greg, SANADA Yoshinori, THU Moe Kyaw, 杉原 孝充, 深尾 良夫, 真砂 英樹, 石原 靖, 青池 寛

発行年とタイトル (Title and year of the issue(s))

    2001: Ship Heave Effects on ODP Drilling Dynamics: analysis of MWD data in the Nankai Trough [Net] [Bib]

    2006: Core Log Seismic Integration New Scientific and Technological Challenges [Net] [Bib]

    2007: CK06 06 D/Vちきゅう下北沖慣熟航海掘削試験コア船上計測結果(J252 P004) [Net] [Bib]
    Results of Onboard Measurement on Core Samples of the Drilling Test During CK06 06 D/V Chikyu Shakedown Cruise(J252 P004) [Net] [Bib]

    2007: 同時観測された広帯域地震観測記録と精密気圧変動記録のマルチチャンネル解析の試み(P3 079) [Net] [Bib]
    A trial of multi channel analysis for broadband seismic data and high resolution barometer data(P3 079) [Net] [Bib]

    2008: Expedition Review of NanTroSEIZE Stage 1 LWD Transect: Logging While Drilling Planning, Operational Challenges and Data Quality [Net] [Bib]

    2011: Value of X ray Computed Tomography in the Scientific Ocean Drilling [Net] [Bib]

    2014: Distribution of resistive and conductive structures in Nankai accretionary wedge reveals contrasting stress paths [Net] [Bib]

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