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+(A list of literatures under single or joint authorship with "JEANLOZ Raymond")

共著回数と共著者名 (a list of the joint author(s))

    5: JEANLOZ Raymond

    3: FUJINO Kiyoshi, MIYAJIMA Nobuyoshi

    2: FUNAMORI Nobumasa

    1: AKAOGI M., CALDWELL Wendel A., FUNAMORI Nobunasa, KAVNER Abby, KOJITANI Hiroshi, NAVROTSKY Alexandra, NGUYEN Jeffrey H., SCHOENITZ Mirko, SHINMEI Toru, TOMIOKA Naotaka, WEIDNER Donald J., WILLIAMS Quentin, XU Hongwu, ZHANG Jianzhong

発行年とタイトル (Title and year of the issue(s))

    1986: Infrared Vibrational Spectra of Beta Phase Mg2SiO4 and Co2SiO4 to Pressures of 27 GPa [Net] [Bib]

    1998: Experimental Evidence of Temperature Dependent Mineral Assemblages at Lower Mantle Conditions (T22E 8) [Net] [Bib]

    1998: High pressure transformations in MgAl2O4 [Net] [Bib]

    2000: Mineral assemblages of basalt in the lower mantle [Net] [Bib]

    2003: Aluminum in magnesium silicate perovskite: Formation, structure, and energetics of magnesium rich defect solid solutions [Net] [Bib]

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