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+(A list of literatures under single or joint authorship with "浅沼 英利")

共著回数と共著者名 (a list of the joint author(s))

    3: 大谷 栄治, 寺崎 英紀, 浅沼 英利

    2: 佐多 永吉, 境 毅, 平尾 直久, 鎌田 誠司

    1: 亀卦川 卓美, 大石 泰生, 大西 泰夫, 宮原 正明, 近藤 忠

発行年とタイトル (Title and year of the issue(s))

    2007: Melting curve of Fe Si alloy up to core mantle boundary pressure(I128 011) [Net] [Bib]

    2008: Phase relations of Fe Si alloy up to core conditions(I128 015) [Net] [Bib]

    2009: FeNiSi合金系の相平衡と状態方程式 内核の珪素量の推定 [Net] [Bib]
    Phase relations and static compression of FeNiSi alloy at high pressure: Estimation of the Si content of the inner core [Net] [Bib]

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