last updated 2021.4.6
What's New

New M1 students, Mr. Masaru Tanaka, Mr. Eikai Murakami, Mr. Yang Zhaotong, and Mr. Tianhua Gao joined our lab members.


A new M1 member, Yuto Yasuda, has joined the members.


Renewed the website of the Distributed System Design Laboratory.


The article about the microdrone equipped DIR-3 was published in the Nikkei Business Daily.


DIR-3 with micro drone was demonstrated at the World Robot Summit 2018 (WRS2018).


Mr. Masaru Tanaka of Osaka Prefecture University College of Technology stayed in our laboratory as a technical trainee.

About our laboratory

Our laboratory is part of the Cooperative Graduate School of the Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies, University of Tsukuba. We are conducting research in the Field Robotics Research Team at the Industrial CPS Research Center, AIST.

The Field Robotics Research Team conducts R & D of field robot technologies that contribute to disaster response, maintenance and management of social infrastructure, and logistics drone systems. The research team aims to realize such field robot systems that enable safe and efficient accessing, transportation, information collection, search, inspection, and various operations under real-world conditions.

The Distributed System Design Laboratory conducts research on distributed networks, distributed robots, mobile inspection robots, AI-equipped drones, pipe inspection robots, AI-based anomaly detection systems, and edge AI/cloud collaboration systems.

About Collaborating Graduate Schools

The Distributed Systems Design Laboratory conducts research in collaboration with the University of Tsukuba (Department of Intelligent Interaction Technologies). Click here for more information.