Nestin and Clic1 in cancer cells: Their mechanics and functions

We have elucidated the mechanism by which nestin, a type of intermediate filament, softens cancer cells by increasing mobility of cytoskeletal filament protein. Cancer cells expressing high levels of nestin can pass through narrow gaps during invasion, thus increasing their metastatic ability.

Nestin knockout cell

We established a nestin knockout cell by are genome editing.

Evaluation of cell stiffness using AFM and a cylindrical probe

The elastic modulus of nestin knockout cells is higher than that of parental cell.

Analysis of mechanical properties of cytoskeletal structures

Mobility of intermediate filament vimentin was successfully analyzed in living cells with antibody-modified nanoneedles.

Evaluation of chloride ion efflux ability of cancer cells

We are developing a method to evaluate the chloride ion efflux ability during cell compression.