Fail-Safe C: Current status and Roadmap

Limitations and Future Improvements

Known bugs and feature-wishes for the Fail-Safe C is managed using Trac issue tracking system.

For updated status of the bugs found in the implementation, refer the Fail-Safe C tracker page.


Some benchmark results show that the execution time are around 3 to 5 times of the original, natively-compiled programs, in avarage. However, the number heavily depends on the type of programs, the way it is written, back-end compiler versions, underlying processors, and other environmental parameters. The smallest performance overhead for tested benchmark items is only +6%, but this is not likely to be achieved in real programs. In the worst case, it becomes about 6 to 7 times.

We want that number to be "around two times" in future, and are planning to implement various static analysis.


6th milestone (release 1.0), April 2008

7th milestone (release 1.5), June 2009

intermediate milestone (release 1.6)

Planned in future