Indoor Positioning Technology Map and xDR (PDR & VDR) History in AIST
xDR (PDR & VDR) Challenge for Warehouse Operations 2018
Making Pier Data Broader and Deeper: PDR Challenge and Virtual Mapping Party
Summary of PDR Challenge in Warehouse Picking (IPIN 2017 Competition Track 4)
Overview: History of PDR in AIST
PDR developlent and PDR Challenge in Warehouse Picking
Benchmarking framework of vision-based spatial registration and tracking methods for MAR (ISO/IEC CD 18520)
ICServ 2017: Lab-Forming Fields and Field-Forming Labs
Lab-Forming Fields and Field-Forming Labs
PDR Challenge in Warehouse Picking and Virtual Mapping Party
Complementary Integration of PDR with Absolute
Positioning Methods Based on Time-series Consistency
PDR for lab-forming field and its benchmarking
Benchmarking of Vision-based Spatial Registration and Tracking Methods for MAR (ISO/IEC NP 18520)
Grassroots activity for standardization on PDR (Pedestrian Dead Reckoning) benchmarking
Service Kaizen through Lab-forming Field & Field-forming Lab
Up-to-date Virtual UX of the Kesennuma-Yokocho Food Stall Village: Integration with Social Media
Augmented Reality Tactile Maps for Pre-Journey Learning
Grassroots activity for standardization on PDR (Pedestrian Dead Reckoning) benchmarking
Updates on Benchmarking of Vision-based Geometric Registration and Tracking Methods for MAR
Role of Servicing Activity Visualization in Quality Control Circle
PDR Benchmark: View Models and Case Studies
UbiComp/ISWC 2015
PDR Challenge
Smartphone-based Talking Navigation System for Walking Training
Roles of Navigation System in Walking with Long Cane and Guide Dog
Improving service processes based on visualization of human-behavior and POS data: A case study in a Japanese restaurant
Texture Significant Hash Function with Robust Occlusion Handling for Fast Inpainting
the Virtualized-Reality Models
IDW/AD'12 (PDF:377KB)
Human-Behavior Sensing and Visualization for Service Quality Control
CSCW 2012 Workshop
Indoor-Outdoor Navigation System for Visually-Impaired Pedestrians: Preliminary Evaluation of Position Measurement and Obstacle Display
MFI2003 (PDF:351KB)

ICAT2006 (PDF:1.04MB)
SocPar2009 (PDF:805KB)
Service-Field Simulator using MR Techniques:
Behavior Comparison in Real and Virtual Environments
MR Models for Practical Evidence-Based Services
ISMAR2010 Augmented Reality
Super Models Workshop
SocPar2009 (PDF:805KB)
HCII2009 (PDF:1.89MB)
ISVC2009 (PDF:302KB)
MFI2003 (PDF:351KB)

ISWC2001 (PDF:822KB)
Service Cooperation and Co-creative Intelligence Cycles Based on Mixed-Reality Technology
Pedestrian Tracking System Synergistically Enhanced by Service Linkages
In-Situ 3D Indoor Modeler with a Camera and Self-Contained Sensors
HCII2009 (PDF:1.89MB)
A 3-D pedestrian guide system usable indoors and outdoors
ICAT2006 (PDF:1.04MB)
Tangible Tabletop Interface Based on Position/Orientation Measurement of Tags Using Photo Sensors and Accelerometers
DHMS 2008(PDF:2.76MB)
ISMAR 06 (PDF:703KB)
Interaction Using Nearby-and-Far Projection Surfaces with a Body Worn ProCam system
ISWC2004 (PDF:3.04MB)
CollabTech 2006 (PDF:2.69MB)
Recent Progress on Augmented-Reality Interaction in AIST
ICCAS2007 (PDF:2.59MB)
ISMAR2007 (PDF:688KB)
ICAT2006 (PDF:1.04MB)
CollabTech2005 (PDF:3.64MB)
DHMS 2008(PDF:2.76MB)
International Digital Image
Forum (PDF:3.8MB)
Reliving Museum Visiting Experiences on-and-off the Spot
ISMAR2007 (PDF:688KB)
CollabTech 2006 (PDF:2.69MB)
A Pilot User Study on 3-D Museum Guide with Route Recommendation Using a Sustainable Positioning System
ICCAS2007 (PDF:2.59MB)
Indoor/Outdoor Pedestrian Navigation with an Embedded GPS/RFID/Selfcontained Sensor System (PDF:376KB)
ICAT2006 (PDF:1.04MB)
Tangible TableTop (TTT) Interface Based on Position/Orientation Measurement of Tags Using Photo Sensors and Accelerometers(PDF:644KB)
ISMAR 06 (PDF:703KB)*
Situated Music: An Application to Interactive Jogging(PDF:935KB)
ISWC 2006 (PDF:1.17MB)
Visual Assist with a Laser Pointer and Wearable Display for Remote Collaboration (PDF:993KB)
CollabTech 2006 (PDF:2.69MB)
Computer Vision for Wearable Visual Interface (PDF:47.9MB)
Tutorial in ISWC2005
Tangible Tabletop Interface for an Expert to Collaborate with Remote Field Workers(PDF:3.24MB)
Remote Collaboration using a Shoulder-Worn Active Camera/Laser (WACL) (PDF:1.56MB)
CSCW2004 (PDF:913KB)
ISWC2004 (PDF:3.04MB)
Overview Slides (PDF:2.04MB)
Fiducial-less 3-D Object Tracking in AR systems(PDF:456KB)
Personal Positioning (PDF:294KB)
MFI2003 (PDF:351KB)
Hand-gesture-based wearable visual interface (PDF:1.07MB)
MVA2002 (PDF:636KB)
WAC (Wearable Active Camera) (PDF:1.20MB)
A Panorama-based Method of Personal Positioning and Orientation and Its Real-time Applications for Wearable Computers
ISWC2001 (PDF:822KB)
A panorama-based technique for annotation overlay and its real-time implementation
ICME2000 (PDF:3.27MB)