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Last update 25 July 2019


19 Dec. 2018

New paper accepted! Otsubo et al. An inhomogeneous across-slab conduit controlled by intraslab stress heterogeneity in the Nankai subduction zone. Scientific Reports. open access

16 Dec. 2018

Collaboration paper accepted! Miyakawa et al. Thermal-maturity structures in an accretionary wedge by a numerical simulation. Progress in Earth and Planetary Science. open access

12 Sep. 2018

New paper accepted! Otsubo et al. Temporal changes in the internal stresses and pore pressures in a large-scale submarine mass transport deposit. Progress in Earth and Planetary Science. open access

22 May 2018

Collaboration paper accepted! Ujiie et al. An explanation of episodic tremor and slow slip constrained by crack‐seal veins and viscous shear in subduction mélange. Geophysical Research Letters. (article)

08 Mar. 2018

New paper accepted! Otsubo et al. Normal-faulting stress state associated with low differential stress in an overriding plate in northeast Japan prior to the 2011 Mw 9.0 Tohoku earthquake. Earth, Planets and Space. open access

15 Nov. 2017

Collaboration paper accepted! Utsunomiya et al. Preferential formation of a slide plane in translational submarine landslide deposits in a Pleistocene forearc basin fill exposed in east-central Japan. The Geological Society Special Publications.

26 Sep. 2017

Collaboration paper accepted! Saishu et al. Silica precipitation potentially controls earthquake recurrence in seismogenic zones. Scientific Reports. open access

20 Jun. 2017

Added Research Topic 6 in CV page and CV(Japanese) page.

25 May 2017

New paper accepted! Otsubo et al. Reactivation of map-scale faults in response to changes in crustal stress: examples from Boso Peninsula, Japan. Quaternary International. (article)

25 Feb. 2016

My web site launched.

Work schedule

Invited speaker: 2018 Annual meeting of Asia Oceania Geosciences Society at Honolulu, USA in Jun. 2018

Presentation: JpGU 2018 at Chiba, Japan in May 2018

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