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RWC Music Database: Popular Music

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last update: 2003/06/30
Introduction of "RWC Music Database: Popular Music"


The Popular Music Database consists of 100 songs — 20 songs with English lyrics performed in the style of popular music typical of songs on the American hit charts in the 1980s, and 80 songs with Japanese lyrics performed in the style of modern Japanese popular music typical of songs on the Japanese hit charts in the 1990s. All 100 songs with vocals were originally produced (composed, arranged, performed, and recorded) for our database.

More detailed information about this database is described in our paper in the references.

List of musical pieces:

RWC-MDB-P-2001 No. 1 – 100
Piece No. Cat. Suffix Tr. No. Title Artist (Vocal) Singer Information Length Tempo Live Instruments Used Drum Information
No. 1M01Tr. 01Eien no replicaKazuo NishiMale3:29135GtDrum sequences
No. 2M01Tr. 02Magic in your eyesHiromi YoshiiFemale3:42100Gt & BsDrum sequences
No. 3M01Tr. 03HOROMITVocal group (1 male + 1 female)3:15111 Drum sequences
No. 4M01Tr. 04Spice of LifeHisayoshi KazatoMale4:0286GtDrum sequences
No. 5M01Tr. 05Koino Ver.2.4EvesVocal group (4 female)3:48135GtDrum sequences
No. 6M01Tr. 06Funky LifeOrikenMale3:26120GtDrum sequences
No. 7M01Tr. 07PROLOGUETomomi OgataFemale4:58122GtDrum sequences
No. 8M01Tr. 08Jinsei konnamonofeversVocal group (2 female)3:12127Gt & BsDrum sequences
No. 9M01Tr. 09DoukokuKazuo NishiMale4:3770Gt & Bs & DrLive drums
No. 10M01Tr. 10Getting OverBrakesVocal group (3 female)3:35125GtDrum sequences
No. 11M01Tr. 11IenaiHisayoshi KazatoMale4:2790GtDrum sequences
No. 12M01Tr. 12KAGE-ROUKazuo NishiMale3:24120Gt & BsDrum sequences
No. 13M01Tr. 13Catch ballKonbuFemale3:39103GtDrum sequences
No. 14M01Tr. 14Karehairo no TwilightRinFemale3:5488Gt & BsDrum sequences
No. 15M01Tr. 15old fashionedKatsuyuki OzawaMale2:42132GtDrum sequences
No. 16M01Tr. 16Game of LoveHiromi YoshiiFemale4:22122Gt & BsDrum loops
No. 17M02Tr. 01Anata to aeteHiromi YoshiiFemale4:0197GtDrum sequences
No. 18M02Tr. 02True HeartTomomi OgataFemale4:14112GtDrum sequences
No. 19M02Tr. 03COOL MotionHisayoshi KazatoMale4:49130GtDrum sequences
No. 20M02Tr. 04Tokimeki no syunkanEri IchikawaFemale4:10134 Drum sequences
No. 21M02Tr. 05Feeling In My HeartRinFemale4:2898GtDrum sequences
No. 22M02Tr. 06Koi ni ochiru jikan ni kansuru kousatsuKazuo NishiMale3:29135GtDrum sequences
No. 23M02Tr. 07SHAKEMAPSVocal group (2 male)3:21132GtDrum sequences
No. 24M02Tr. 08it's all rightHisayoshi KazatoMale4:00130 Drum sequences
No. 25M02Tr. 09tell meTomomi OgataFemale4:16103GtDrum sequences
No. 26M02Tr. 10aozora sanpo michiTomoko NittaFemale3:27158Gt & BsDrum sequences
No. 27M02Tr. 11stayShingo KatsutaMale5:18124GtDrum sequences
No. 28M02Tr. 12Fly awayTomomi OgataFemale4:10109GtDrum sequences
No. 29M02Tr. 13One Two STEPKazuo NishiMale3:35103GtDrum sequences
No. 30M02Tr. 14syounen no omoiMitsuru TanimotoMale3:16104 Drum sequences
No. 31M02Tr. 15Moving Round and RoundYuuichi NagayamaMale4:10129 Drum loops
No. 32M02Tr. 16what could I do for youMasaki KueharaMale4:12125GtDrum sequences
No. 33M03Tr. 01DREAM MAGICHiromi YoshiiFemale4:47108Gt & BsDrum sequences
No. 34M03Tr. 02Hitoyo no yumeHiromi YoshiiFemale3:2793Gt & Bs & DrLive drums
No. 35M03Tr. 03Midarana kami no moushigoHiromi YoshiiFemale3:13170Gt & Bs & DrLive drums
No. 36M03Tr. 04over and overKazuo NishiMale5:16135Gt & Bs & DrLive drums
No. 37M03Tr. 05ReplicaYoshinori HataeMale3:59184Gt & Bs & DrLive drums
No. 38M03Tr. 061999Kousuke MorimotoMale4:35125Gt & Bs & DrLive drums
No. 39M03Tr. 07SPULKousuke MorimotoMale4:4873Gt & Bs & HHDrum sequences
No. 40M03Tr. 08promiseKazuo NishiMale3:46122Gt & BsDrum sequences
No. 41M03Tr. 09Non Stop DrivingKatsuyuki OzawaMale2:50200GtDrum sequences
No. 42M03Tr. 10Fly to the moonKousuke MorimotoMale4:08125Gt & BsDrum sequences
No. 43M03Tr. 11Centimeter no kodokuKazuo NishiMale3:24163GtDrum sequences
No. 44M03Tr. 12REAL na 5 hunKousuke MorimotoMale4:06124Gt & BsDrum sequences
No. 45M03Tr. 13HajimariKousuke MorimotoMale3:4277Gt & Bs & DrLive drums
No. 46M03Tr. 14Senro wa tsuzukuyoKousuke MorimotoMale3:19168GtDrum sequences
No. 47M03Tr. 15DeaetakaraSatoshi KumasakaMale3:3094Gt × 2 & Bs & Dr & PfLive drums
No. 48M03Tr. 16SyodoubutsuHiroshi SekiyaMale4:2986GtDrum sequences
No. 49M04Tr. 01Sekai no mikataHiroshi SekiyaMale4:35100GtDrum sequences
No. 50M04Tr. 02Mrs. MarilRinFemale3:15114Gt & BsDrum sequences
No. 51M04Tr. 03Modoranai natsuHiroshi SekiyaMale6:07104Gt × 2 & Bs & Dr & PfLive drums
No. 52M04Tr. 04Haru ga kurukaraTomomi OgataFemale3:45140GtDrum sequences
No. 53M04Tr. 05Ashita waRinFemale3:39132Gt & BsDrum sequences
No. 54M04Tr. 06Harukana omoiRinFemale3:42125Gt & BsDrum sequences
No. 55M04Tr. 07First LoveAkiko KaburagiFemale4:0974Gt × 2 & Bs & DrLive drums
No. 56M04Tr. 08I've got a mailMasashi HashimotoMale5:2274Gt & BsDrum loops
No. 57M04Tr. 09Stay with meMasashi HashimotoMale4:2770 Drum sequences
No. 58M04Tr. 10Silver shoesRinFemale3:45118 Drum loops
No. 59M04Tr. 11Tenshi no utataneRinFemale3:2598Gt & TpDrum loops
No. 60M04Tr. 12KumorizoraYuzu IijimaFemale4:03148Gt × 2 & BsDrum loops
No. 61M04Tr. 13FOR YOUKazuo NishiMale4:43121GtDrum sequences
No. 62M04Tr. 14Be with me NowRinFemale3:1181GtDrum sequences
No. 63M04Tr. 15Power of mindReiko SatoFemale4:11126Gt & Bs & DrLive drums
No. 64M04Tr. 16So LongKousuke MorimotoMale4:52100Gt & BsDrum sequences
No. 65M05Tr. 01TanabataMakiko HattoriFemale3:5276Gt & Bs & DrLive drums
No. 66M05Tr. 02Mousugu natsu ga kuruM & YVocal group (2 female)5:2076Gt & HH & PfDrum sequences
No. 67M05Tr. 03Tokei no hayasa waMakiko HattoriFemale4:1088Gt & Bs & DrLive drums
No. 68M05Tr. 04NichiyoubiMakiko HattoriFemale4:5492Gt & Bs & DrLive drums
No. 69M05Tr. 05Gin no soraHiromi YoshiiFemale6:0062GtDrum sequences
No. 70M05Tr. 06Miageta sora waTamako MatsuzakaFemale4:06104Gt & Bs & Dr & PfLive drums
No. 71M05Tr. 07Tsuki no youniHiromi YoshiiFemale4:4670Gt & PfWithout drums
No. 72M05Tr. 08Heart to HurtKousuke MorimotoMale3:2176Pf & VcWithout drums
No. 73M05Tr. 09Miss MariaKazuo NishiMale3:16144Pf & VcWithout drums
No. 74M05Tr. 10Kimi no iroKousuke MorimotoMale3:1494GtWithout drums
No. 75M05Tr. 11Toui machi eHiromi YoshiiFemale3:21108PfWithout drums
No. 76M05Tr. 12ChikaiKousuke MorimotoMale3:5070GtWithout drums
No. 77M05Tr. 13AishiteruMakiko HattoriFemale3:56120Gt & PfWithout drums
No. 78M05Tr. 14Kumo Masaki KueharaMale4:2175GtWithout drums
No. 79M05Tr. 15TogetherTomomi OgataFemale4:2892 Without drums
No. 80M05Tr. 16SagashimonoTomomi OgataFemale3:3980 Without drums
No. 81M06Tr. 01How Deep Is Your Love?Donna BurkeFemale [English]3:5090GtDrum sequences
No. 82M06Tr. 02Once in a life timeShinya IguchiMale [English]5:3788Gt & DrLive drums
No. 83M06Tr. 03Doing That ThingJeff ManningMale [English]3:37140GtDrum sequences
No. 84M06Tr. 04SomedayShinya IguchiMale [English]4:40138Gt & DrLive drums
No. 85M06Tr. 05Waiting for the momentJeff ManningMale [English]3:3098GtDrum sequences
No. 86M06Tr. 06Angel BabyBettyFemale [English]4:1780GtDrum sequences
No. 87M06Tr. 07I think of youJeff ManningMale [English]4:5190GtDrum sequences
No. 88M06Tr. 08Woman Like YouShinya IguchiMale [English]4:09120Gt & DrLive drums
No. 89M06Tr. 09Life Is What You Make It To BeDonna BurkeFemale [English]3:43134GtDrum sequences
No. 90M06Tr. 10Don't Say Good byeShinya IguchiMale [English]4:37127Gt & DrLive drums
No. 91M07Tr. 01Change Of HeartDonna BurkeFemale [English]3:43124GtDrum sequences
No. 92M07Tr. 02I'll be there for youBettyFemale [English]3:40134 Drum sequences
No. 93M07Tr. 03Sweet DreamsDonna BurkeFemale [English]4:1890GtDrum sequences
No. 94M07Tr. 04LifeBettyFemale [English]3:4378GtDrum sequences
No. 95M07Tr. 05FeelJeff ManningMale [English]3:52161Gt & Bs & DrLive drums
No. 96M07Tr. 06WeekendBettyFemale [English]4:40130 Drum loops
No. 97M07Tr. 07Don't Lie To MeDonna BurkeFemale [English]4:0391GtDrum sequences
No. 98M07Tr. 0831 BLUESJeff ManningMale [English]3:31107Gt & Bs & DrLive drums
No. 99M07Tr. 09Once and For AllShinya IguchiMale [English]5:1773GtWithout drums
No. 100M07Tr. 10No RegretsShinya IguchiMale [English]4:5380GtDrum loops

Note that the tempo values in the table are rough estimates and should not be used as data for research purposes.

The following are instrument abbreviations used in the table.
HH:Hi-hat only

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