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RWC Music Database: Music Genre

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last update: 2003/06/30
Introduction of "RWC Music Database: Music Genre"


The Music Genre Database consists of 100 musical pieces in all with three pieces prepared for each of 33 genres and one for a cappella. The database is divided into 10 main categories of genres (popular, rock, dance, jazz, Latin, classical, marches, world, vocals, and traditional Japanese music) and 33 subcategories (popular, ballads, rock, heavy metal, rap/hip-hop, house, techno, funk, soul/R&B, big band, modern Jazz, fusion, bossa nova, samba, reggae, tango, baroque, classic, romantic, modern, brass band, blues, folk, country, gospel, African, Indian, flamenco, chanson, canzone, traditional-style Japanese popular music Enka, Japanese folk music Min'you, and ancient Japanese court music Gagaku). Note that this does not necessarily mean that music can be categorized in this way: these categories are used simply for convenience when recording them. All 100 pieces are original recordings with 73 being original compositions and 27 being existing public-domain pieces (indicated as ``Public Domain'' in the ``Composer'' column).

More detailed information about this database is described in our paper in the references.

List of musical pieces:

RWC-MDB-G-2001 No. 1 – 100
Piece No. Cat. Suffix Tr. No. Main Category Subcategory Title Composer Artist (Singer Information) Length
No. 1M01Tr. 01PopularPopularWasting TimeShinya IguchiShinya Iguchi (Male)5:50
No. 2M01Tr. 02Forget about ItShinya IguchiShinya Iguchi (Male)4:22
No. 3M01Tr. 03In Your ArmsSuguru KawagoshiDonna Burke (Female)3:49
No. 4M01Tr. 04BalladeHold OnShinya IguchiShinya Iguchi (Male)5:15
No. 5M01Tr. 05Taking Your HeartShinya IguchiShinya Iguchi (Male)6:09
No. 6M01Tr. 06Let's Take Some Time ... To Think It OverSuguru KawagoshiBetty (Female)4:03
No. 7M01Tr. 07RockRockEveryday Lovin'Takeshi WadaDonna Burke (Female)4:18
No. 8M01Tr. 08Living in a World of DestructionShigekazu KamakiJeff Manning (Male)3:26
No. 9M01Tr. 09Waiting for Your LoveSuguru KawagoshiDonna Burke (Female)3:30
No. 10M01Tr. 10Heavy MetalLost in My DreamsShigekazu KamakiJeff Manning (Male)3:52
No. 11M01Tr. 1121st CenturyMasuhiro GotoDonna Burke (Female)5:04
No. 12M01Tr. 12WomanSuguru KawagoshiBetty (Female)3:21
No. 13M02Tr. 01DanceRap / Hip-HopGuess AgainShigekazu KamakiDonna Burke (Female)3:42
No. 14M02Tr. 02Tuesday MorningIchio YamamotoJeff Manning (Male)3:07
No. 15M02Tr. 03Rocket in My PocketShingo KatsutaGreg Irwin (Male)5:11
No. 16M02Tr. 04HouseLife GageKazuo NishiNishi feat.T (Female)3:11
No. 17M02Tr. 05Tonight's the Night for LoveIchio YamamotoDonna Burke (Female)3:06
No. 18M02Tr. 06Anything for Your LoveIchio YamamotoJeff Manning (Male)3:07
No. 19M02Tr. 07TechnoAsia 2Kazuo NishiKazuo Nishi (Male)3:42
No. 20M02Tr. 08Keep RunningIchio YamamotoDonna Burke (Female)2:42
No. 21M02Tr. 09StfIchio YamamotoIchio3:26
No. 22M02Tr. 10FunkGet on up and DanceEmiko YamanakaDonna Burke (Female)4:36
No. 23M02Tr. 11Feeling the HateJunji MiyazakiGreg Irwin (Male)4:39
No. 24M02Tr. 12Trustin' in Your GrooveTakeshi WadaGreg Irwin (Male)4:04
No. 25M02Tr. 13Soul / R&BIt's Time to FlySuguru KawagoshiDonna Burke (Female)4:03
No. 26M02Tr. 14Secret DreamsSuguru KawagoshiDonna Burke (Female)3:50
No. 27M02Tr. 15SuddenlyShigenobu OkawaGreg Irwin (Male)3:34
No. 28M03Tr. 01JazzBig BandWind UpHiroshi HajiHH Band3:24
No. 29M03Tr. 02BubbleHiroshi HajiHH Band2:46
No. 30M03Tr. 03KitchenHiroshi HajiHH Band3:16
No. 31M03Tr. 04Modern JazzAzureHiroshi HajiMakoto Nakamura Trio4:20
No. 32M03Tr. 05Chuggin'Hiroshi HajiTakao Nagai Trio4:35
No. 33M03Tr. 06The RampHiroshi HajiH's Band3:18
No. 34M03Tr. 07FusionTea BreakBunmei Ogawa22 Project Band4:53
No. 35M03Tr. 08Gypsy EyesKenji Nakamura22 Project Band3:14
No. 36M03Tr. 09Wind FlowerBunmei Ogawa22 Project Band4:30
No. 37M04Tr. 01LatinBossa NovaMusica NovaHiroshi HajiBossa Novas4:13
No. 38M04Tr. 02Misty RougeHiroshi HajiBossa Novas3:18
No. 39M04Tr. 03JulliaBunmei OgawaS Project Band (Female)3:31
No. 40M04Tr. 04SambaLovely WomenKenji NakamuraSambars3:37
No. 41M04Tr. 05Dance to the SambaBunmei OgawaSambars (Female)4:11
No. 42M04Tr. 06Sway So GentleKenji NakamuraSambars3:03
No. 43M04Tr. 07ReggaeMoon StruckBunmei OgawaOn Band3:06
No. 44M04Tr. 08Eric's ReggaeKenji NakamuraOn Band3:17
No. 45M04Tr. 09Where Are You?Bunmei OgawaOn Band (Male)3:51
No. 46M04Tr. 10TangoTango NoirHiroshi HajiTango House2:35
No. 47M04Tr. 11Kittenish TangoHiroshi HajiTango House3:10
No. 48M04Tr. 12Tango in TwilightHiroshi HajiTango House2:58
No. 49M05Tr. 01ClassicalBaroque (Orchestral)<Water Music> Suite no.2 in D major, HWV.349. 2. `Alla Hornpipe'Handel, George Frideric (Public Domain)Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra3:22
No. 50M05Tr. 02Classic (Orchestral)<Egmont> Overture, op.84Beethoven, Ludwig van (Public Domain)Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra8:35
No. 51M05Tr. 03Romantic (Orchestral)<Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg>, Prelude to Act 1Wagner, Richard (Public Domain)Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra10:10
No. 52M05Tr. 04Modern (Orchestral)`Alborada del Gracioso'Ravel, Maurice (Public Domain)Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra7:38
No. 53M05Tr. 05`Jupiter' from Suite <The Planets>, op.32Holst, Gustav (Public Domain)Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra7:57
No. 54M05Tr. 06MarchBrass Band`The Stars and Stripes Forever'Sousa, John Philip (Public Domain)Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra3:44
No. 55M05Tr. 07`Radetzky March', op.228Strauss I, Johann (Public Domain)Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra2:36
No. 56M05Tr. 08<Pomp and Circumstance> March no.1, op.39-1Elgar, Edward (Public Domain)Tokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra6:41
No. 57M06Tr. 01ClassicalBaroque (Solo)Toccata and Fugue in D minor, BWV.565Bach, Johann Sebastian (Public Domain)Tetsuya Kan8:28
No. 58M06 Two-Part InventionsBach, Johann Sebastian (Public Domain)Atsuko Watanabe 
Tr. 02 no.1 in C major, BWV.7721:30
Tr. 03 no.4 in D minor, BWV.7750:54
Tr. 04no.14 in Bb major, BWV.7851:25
No. 59M06Tr. 05Classic (Solo)Rondo in D major, K.485Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus (Public Domain)Yuriko Furuichi4:55
No. 60M06Tr. 06Classic (Chamber)String Quartet no.77 in C major, op.76-3 (Hob.III-77) `Kaiser'. 2nd mvmt.Haydn, Franz Joseph (Public Domain)Wood Land Notes7:08
No. 61M06Tr. 07Romantic (Chamber)String Quartet no.1 in D major, op.11. 2nd mvmt. (Andante Cantabile)Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilich (Public Domain)Wood Land Notes6:11
No. 62M06Tr. 08Romantic (Solo)Etude in Gb major, op.10-5Chopin, Frédéric François (Public Domain)Yuri Mineo1:56
No. 63M06Tr. 09Modern (Solo)`Clair de Lune' from <Suite Bergamasque>Debussy, Achille-Claude (Public Domain)Yuriko Furuichi5:23
No. 64M07Tr. 01WorldBluesBlue PrintHiroshi Takayama22 Project Band3:24
No. 65M07Tr. 02Got'em BothHiroshi Takayama22 Project Band3:34
No. 66M07Tr. 03Dear John's LetterHiroshi Takayama22 Project Band (Male)3:57
No. 67M07Tr. 04FolkDream AngelKazuo NishiDonna Burke (Female)4:05
No. 68M07Tr. 05Grassy DanceShigekazu KamakiShigekazu Kamaki3:13
No. 69M07Tr. 06What Should I Tell Them?Kazuo NishiGreg Irwin (Male)4:18
No. 70M07Tr. 07CountryBjc Fiddle RagSatoshi HaraBanjo Club3:39
No. 71M07Tr. 08Desperate Little ManSatoshi HaraBanjo Club (Male)3:45
No. 72M07Tr. 09I Don't Love NobodySatoshi HaraBanjo Club4:34
No. 73M07Tr. 10GospelNot Enough WordsBunmei Ogawa22 Project Band (Female)4:19
No. 74M07Tr. 11With My JalopyKenji Nakamura22 Project Band (Male)4:32
No. 75M07Tr. 12My FaithKenji Nakamura22 Project Band2:53
No. 76M08Tr. 01AfricanHavini Tishi TishiFresh JumbeFresh Jumbe (Male)3:17
No. 77M08Tr. 02KashekiFresh JumbeFresh Jumbe (Male)4:04
No. 78M08Tr. 03MwanambuziFresh JumbeFresh Jumbe (Male)4:26
No. 79M08Tr. 04IndianRaga Charukesi - Alap(Improvisation)Shanti4:58
No. 80M08Tr. 05Raga Charukesi - Vilambit Teentaal(Improvisation)Shanti4:59
No. 81M08Tr. 06Raga Charukesi - Drut Teentaal(Improvisation)Shanti5:04
No. 82M08Tr. 07FlamencoSevillanasDavid LainfiestaDavid Lainfiesta3:11
No. 83M08Tr. 08TangosMiguel de BadajozMiguel de Badajoz (Male)5:17
No. 84M08Tr. 09RumbaDavid LainfiestaDavid Lainfiesta3:45
No. 85M08Tr. 10VocalChansonRue Saint-Vincent `Rose Blanche'Aristide Bruant (Public Domain)Monden Momo (Female)4:02
No. 86M08Tr. 11Le Temps Des CerisesAntoine Renard (Public Domain)Monden Momo (Female)3:54
No. 87M08Tr. 12Je Te VeuxErik Satie (Public Domain)Monden Momo (Female)3:39
No. 88M08Tr. 13CanzoneSanta LuciaCottrau (Public Domain)Jun Aoki (Male)3:28
No. 89M08Tr. 14O Sole MioEdoardo Di Capua (Public Domain)Jun Aoki (Male)3:50
No. 90M08Tr. 15Turna A SurrientoErnesto De Curtis (Public Domain)Jun Aoki (Male)4:39
No. 91M09Tr. 01Traditional JapanesePopular (Enka)Tairyo BuneHiroshi TakayamaKazuo Nishi (Male)4:30
No. 92M09Tr. 02Kita no KomoriutaKazuo NishiKazuo Nishi (Male)4:15
No. 93M09Tr. 03Ai HitohiraKazuo NishiHiromi Yoshii (Female)4:14
No. 94M09Tr. 04Folk (Min'you)Sado Okesa (Public Domain)Machi Watanabe (Female)3:09
No. 95M09Tr. 05Nambu Ushioiuta (Public Domain)Machi Watanabe (Female)3:23
No. 96M09Tr. 06Soran Bushi (Public Domain)Machi Watanabe (Female)2:11
No. 97M09Tr. 07Court (Gagaku)Hyojo Etenraku (Public Domain)Hougakudo4:27
No. 98M09Tr. 08Taishikicho Gakkaen (Public Domain)Hougakudo5:43
No. 99M09Tr. 09Taishikicho Chogeishi (Public Domain)Hougakudo4:11
No. 100M09Tr. 10A CappellaA CappellaPrecious LoveKazuo NishiDik (2 Male & 2 Female)3:16

Note: Conductor of RWC-MDB-G-2001 Nos. 49 – 53: Makoto Suehiro
Note: Conductor of RWC-MDB-G-2001 Nos. 54 – 56: Shinji Moriguchi

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