(Molecular Object Scripting for Biological analYsis)

MOSBY is a software suite for the analysis of molecular structure and structural biology studies. The program is under major reconstruction, including molecular movie functions. After cleanups of the code, reorganized programs will be released.


Some of prototype code will demonstrates how making the molecular movies are supported in this software platfrom.

To run avobe script, Luxinia interpreter is required. To test the scripts, please download Luxinia interpreter (ver.1400) from Luxinia home page. The software development is on going but a release is planed at end of this year. It would be another few week to summarize current protypes, and we will continue our software devleopment. Currently, Luxinia only runs on Windows systems, XP or highter, with OpenGL-1.4, 256MB RAM, 1500MHz processor.


MOSBY was a prgoram previosly developed as MOlecular Structure Browser with analYsis. It was under a major change using the Lua langauge as a main infrastructure of the graphical application program. This change allow following new functionalities.

Our software development projects are based on following previous distribution of MOSBY. There are also another Lua interpreter that is dedicated for the image analysis, named BESPA. In particular, image processing methods and algoritms for single particle analysis of macromolecules using electron microscopy are studied. It also shares the same modules as MOSBY, and will be integrated in future.


In using MOSBY, most operations are in the main menu bar on top of the window. Items in the tool bar at the left side select the mode of mouse operation. Basic functions of atomic coordinates of proteins includes:

The graphics rendering is reasonalbe both quality and speed on most conventional workstations or personal computers. The rock animation with four cyclic frames provides smooth horizontal rotation that is independent of the number of atoms. Additionally, the qualities of cylinder and sphere were improved by introducing edge lines between primitives far in depth.


There are several plug-ins to enhance functions of MOSBY.

MOSBY uses the dynamic linking method, so that extension modules act as if it is a part of the host program. Actually, detailed method and interface to MOSBY are rather complicated, we can take a source code of those plug-in modules as a template to make another extension module.


MOSBY is a software copyrighted by AIST. An academic license to use this software is provided without fee. Please contact to us about another license for the commercial use.


a gzipped tar archive --- beta (ver 0.955)

--- Our software distribution server is now under rework. This is a tarball of our beta release dated 2007 Jan. Porting information about Windows and MacOS are also provided. Please excse us for stopping a service from the previous website at



Yutaka Ueno, Computational Biology Research Center, AIST, uenoyt(at)

Last updated : Jun 2 2008