Yoriyuki Yamagata's research diaries

Senior Researcher, Software Analytics Research Group, Information Technology Reseaerch Institute, AIST

Curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae is posted!

Recent published papers

Recent published papers:

RV 2017

Our paper will be presented at RV2017.

CAPE Lecture

At 112-th CAPE Lecture, I will give a talk on a proof theoretical semantics of classical logic and its application to a strong normalization proof.

Anomaly Detection of a CPS using Machine Learning

The slides on our recent work are posted.

Log-based Anomaly Detection of CPS Using a Statistical Method

Our new paper, Log-based Anomaly Detection of CPS Using a Statistical Method is accepted by IWESEP 2017.

Talk at RIMS


Slides for RV2016

Runtime monitoring for concurrent systems

RV2016 slides

Two recent paper and draft

Two recent paper and draft.

Consistency proof of an arithmetic with substitution inside a bounded arithmetic

Updated draft of previously withdrawn paper, is uploaded. This paper proves that Buss’s \(S^2_2\) can prove the consistency of Cook and Urquhart’s PV minus induction, but with the substitution rule. This strengthens (albeit the meta-theory is \(S^2_2\)) Beckmann’s result.