ViSurf: Virtual Surface Modeler Project

ViSurf is a virtual surface modeler that enables users to intuitively deform virtual surfaces. With haptic feedback device, 3-dimensional cursor input as well as 3-dimensional force feedback is provided and users can actually feel touching free-formed surfaces. Direct, 3D manipulation of free-formed surfaces is a challenging research topic and has such application fields as CAD & surgical simulation.




Fig. A. A 2D trowel deforms a dotted curve (NU B-Spline of degree 3) into a solid curve. Thin dotted lines are control polygons. The ViSurf system automatically inserts knots to realize appropriate deformation.
Fig. B-1. Deformation with curving tools of different size.
Fig. B-2. Automatic knot insertion of a curving tool. The size of a tool shows the region it affects. UP: A B-Spline surface is shown by its knot vector values. DOWN: The curving tool pushed the surface and deformed it. Since there was not enough knots, the system automatically inserts them.
Fig. C. Effect of a twisting tool.
Fig. D. An input device with force feedback. A user takes the handle and moves it in 6 D.O.F. The device works as a 3D cursor and transmits forces to the user's hand as well. Users feel as if they are holding the handle of a real tool and pushing a form.
Fig. E. A sequence of deformation by the 6DOF I/O device. A sheet of B-Spline surface is deformed by the "pushing" operation of the device. The user feels the surface by the feedback force from the device, when the 3D cursor touches/pushes it.

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Last updated : Aug. 13, 2002