6 D.O.F. Input Device with Force Feedback Project

Input Device with Force Feedback

Yukio Fukui, Cai Yi, Hiroshi Yokoi , Makoto Shimojo, and Juli Yamashita
AIST, Japan
	The device is a Cartesian type manipulator (see Figure 1) of 6 D. O. F. (degrees of freedom) 
at the end effecter position. It can move along X, Y, and Z axes and can rotate around each axis. 
Its mechanism is highly stiff and it moves 0.01 mm per pulse of the controller. 
The device has force sensors, which are strain gages, of 6 D. O. F. at its end effecter to pick up the force applied by the user's hand; then the detected force data are input to its controller that adopts velocity control to drive the device freely or to feedback appropriate force.


Fig. 1. An input device with force feedback. A user takes the handle and moves it in 6 D.O.F. The device works as a 3D cursor and transmits forces to the user's hand as well. A user can feel virtual "shapes" shown by force feedback.

Fact Sheet

Nominal positional resolution   0.01 mm
Workspace                       35 x 35 x 20 cm
Max. exertable force            (H): 700 N (71kgw), (V): 300 N (31 kgw)
Inertia                         (Controlled): ~100g
Control rate                     Around 600Hz


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Last updated : July 09, 2001