Human Dimensions Data for Ergonomic Design Project

- Anthropometric Data of Japanese Adults -

Makiko Kouchi(1), Kazuya Yokoyama, Juli Yamashita, Takashi Yokoi, Hajime Ogi, Matsutaro Yoshioka (2), Hiroaki Atsumi (3), and Akihiro Hotta (4).

NIBH, AIST, MITI, Japan (Currently, AIST)
(1): Digital Human Research Center, AIST
(2): HQL
(3): Tohoku University of Art & Design
(4): Department of Industrial Design, Faculty of Engineering, Chiba University

In 1991-1992, we measured Japanese body dimensions data for ergonomic design.

- Number of subjects: 250 males and 250 females
- Age range of subjects: 200 young adults (18-29 yr.) and 50 elderlies (>60 yr.)
- Number of dimensions: 251 in common and several more depending on sex
- Method of measurement: by conventional Martin's method

Data Availability

[Online Data]

[和文] ついにデータのオンライン配布が開始されました。 デジタルヒューマン研究チーム にて「AIST 人体寸法データベース1991-92」をご利用下さい。
[English] Finally, the data is now available online. Please visit Digital Human Research Team, AIST . (2019.11: In Japanese only, however, please try the list of measurenet items which has English names that link to the data sheet images.)


* Data and analysis : Commercialy available as a book (in Japanese):

   NIBH Eds.: "Human Body Dimensions Data for Ergonomic Design," 
		Japan Publication Service, 1996. (ISBN4-88922-093-3 C3040 P4635E)

    ---- Note: Free copies of the data book are still available as NIBH technical report. (2007.04.20: 19 copies left.)
               It contains several minor mistakes, which have been corrected in the book above.
               Please contact  Juli Yamashita  (with your postal address, please) if you want a free copy of the tech. report version.
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	*** Sample Image of a data sheet 

* Reference manual on how we measured the data (in Japanese):
   NIBH Eds.: "Reference Manual of Anthropometry in Ergonomic Designing,"
		Japan Publication Service, 1994. (ISBN4-88922-086-0 C3040 P3600E)

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