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The typical multi-layer cuprate superconductor

What is there?

  • Challenge toward higher performance, higher Tc, higher Jc, higher Hirr, lower anisotropy, advanced synthesis methods of bulk, single crystal and films.
  • The multiple order parameters and its dynamics are studied. Two Tc of Cu-1234 and coexistence of anti-ferromagnetic order and superconductivity in Hg-1245 are brand-new concepts.

    Fruits of the project

  • The discovery of Tc > 134 K on Tl-1223 (TlCu1223) superconductor. (Tc is comparable to that of Hg-1223 having the highest Tc)
  • TlCu-1223 films for microwave application. (For > 90 K operation) The filter for IMT2000 will be appeared until end of 2003.
  • The fundamental study on the multi-layer cuprate superconductor leads discover of i-soliton, the basic concept of the third generation Josephson computer.

    Beyond the project

  • Our final goal is the development of room temperature superconductors.

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