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Tanaka Yasumoto

Muticomponent superconductivity based on multiband superconductors.

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Experimental formation of a fractional vortex in a superconducting bi-layer. Y. Tanaka, H. Yamamori, T. Yanagisawa, T. Nishio, S. Arisawa.
Physica C on line.

Decomposition of a unit quantum and isolation of a fractional quantum by an externally injected soliton in an ultra-thin superconducting bi-layer film.
Physica C 538 (2017) 12-19

Voltage-less alternating current (AC) Josephson effect in two-band superconductors.
Physica C 538 (2017) 6-11.

Current-induced massless mode of the interband phase difference in two-band superconductors.
Physica C 516 (2015) 10-16.

Multicomponent superconductivity based on multiband superconductors.
Supercond. Sci. Technol. 28 (2015) 034002.

Observation of quantum oscillations in a narrow channel with a hole fabricated on a film of multiband superconductors
Solid State Communications (2015), pp. 95-97

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Toward A Breakthrough!
Current Induced Massless Mode (2015.06)

Unclosed gap

Non abelian superconductivity

Massless mode in multi-band superconductor

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An inter-component phase difference soliton is a key issue if the multi-band superconductor plays as a multicomponent quantum condensate.
If so, we can design on-demand experimental systems for various kinds of vacua having different gauge fields.
Being and non-being are determined as defect/dislocation and vacuum by the gauge field.
If we recognize a defect as a being then a vacuum is a nonbeing.
However, if we see the vacuum as being, the defect becomes non-being.
Please imagine a hole in a paper.
Whether the hole is being or not.
The hole might have information but the paper might not.
There is an ultimate “duality” as written in Prajñā-pāramitā-hṛdaya between being and non-being, “se ji shi kong,kong ji shi se”.
The research on the multicomponent superconductivity based on multi-band superconductor has such a background.

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Inside Information

Research Activity

Spectroscopy, Transport & Magnetic Properties (Experimental activity)
Superconductivity Theory
i-Soliton (Theory and Experimental study)

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Tokyo, Japan (1962)

B.S., Tokyo University of Science (http://www.tus.ac.jp/), Faculty of Science I, Department of Physics (Valedictorian of Faculty of Science I) (1985)
Dr., Science University of Tokyo (1990)

Electrotechnical Laboratory (1990.4-2001.3)
Researcher, Superconducting Materials Group, Material Science Division (1990.10-1995)
Senior Researcher, (1996-)
Superconducting Materials Group, Nanoelectronics Research Institute, AIST (2001.4-2011.3)

Chief Senior Researcher,(2013-)
Oxide Electronics Group, Electronics and Photonics Research Institute, AIST (2011.4-)

Research Director of CREST (acting) (2002.4-2003.11)
( "Creation of the Highest Performance Superconductor"
Function Evolution of Materials and Devices based on Electron/Photon Related Phenomena
Core Research Evolutional Science and Technology (CREST)
sponsored by Japan Science and Technology Corporation (JST))

A representative of "Basic Physics of Multiband Superconductor", AIST germination research initiative (FY2002-2004)

A representative of "Development of novel nano-oxide", AIST international cooperation research program (FY2006-2007)

A Japanese representative for "Feasibility study on the application of multiple-order parameters in materials to information process". ( Strategic Japanese-Indian Cooperative Programme on "Multidisciplinary Research Field, which combines Information and Communications Technology with Other Fields" sponsored by Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) and Department of Science and Technology (DST, India)) (FY2007-2010)

Associate Professor, Cooperative Graduate School, Tokyo University of Science(2001.4-2008.3)

Short Visits (1997)
Service National des Champs Magnetiques Pluses, INSA Complexe Scientifique de Rangueil (Toulouse, France) (Supervisor: Prof. Jean Leotin, Collaborator: Dr.Dmitri V. Smirnov )
Lab de Cristallographie,CNRS (Grenoble, France) (Supervisor: Prof. J.J. Capponi)

Organized conferences

AIST-JNCASR Joint Symposium on Nano & soft matters, 8-9th-February-2007, Bangalore, India (Japanese coordinator).

India-Japan international workshop, "Super/Vacuum/Universe”, 14th-June-2011, Kagurazaka, Tokyo, Japan (Organizer).

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