MPDyn version 1.03 released

A. A new keyword, "VOL_SCALE", which may be useful for an equilibration MD
run, is available.
B. A small bug in the flag of "REP_WALL" was removed. (Read_Condition.f90)
C. A small bug in the switching function was fixed. This bug affects only energy slightly, MD trajectory is free from any problems in the previous version.


MPDyn version 1.02 released

A. Small bugs were fixed in "MPDyn_Prep", "Xconverter", and "Eplot" modules.
B. Both binary and ascii format of the configuration file for restart (restart.dat) are available. For usage, see the keyword, "STATUS" in jobscript.
C. A bug for the keyword "FIXEDATOM" was removed.


MPDyn version 1.01 released

A. Bugs in DPD under shear are removed.
B. New case studies are available. (DPD, MD)
C. Parameter files are revised.


Bug report:
DPD under shear does not work correctly. The keyword, "SHEAR_RATE", should not be used until this bug is removed.


MPDyn version 1.00 relased

A. Some binary modules are available.
B. Bugs in the BKS force field are removed.
    (Thanks to Dr. David J. Earl at Rice University)