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Dr. Vadym Zayets

Photonics Systems Group,

Research Institute for Advanced Electronics and Photonics,

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST),

Central 2-1, Room D811,
Umezono 1-1-4, Tsukuba,
Ibaraki-ken 305-8568, Japan.


tel: +81-298-61-5426

v.zayets (at symbol)
v.zayets (at symbol)




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the most of these Web pages I have made in a clean room waiting for temperature to stabilized or a required vacuum to be reached. Therefore, the Web pages may content some English errors or my thoughts may be not fully explained or some explanation may be missed. I do my best to correct all these errors.
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Spin Transport


Transport Eqs.

Spin Proximity/ Spin Injection

Spin Detection

Boltzmann Eqs.

Electrical current. Non-magnetic material (New)

Electrical current. Magnetic material

Scattering current

Mean-free path

Current near Interface

Ordinary Hall effect

Anomalous Hall effect, AMR effect (New)

Spin-Orbit interaction

Spin Hall effect (New)

Non-local Spin Detection

Landau -Lifshitz equation

Exchange interaction

sp-d exchange interaction

Thermally-activated magnetization switching. Coercive field. Retention time. Δ

Perpendicular magnetic anisotropy (PMA)

Voltage- controlled magnetism (VCMA effect)

Spin vs. Orbital moment in a solid. Quenching of orbital moment

All-metal transistor

Spin-orbit torque (SOT effect)

measurement of Spin Polarization

What is a hole?

e-Drugs (Electronic drugs & Electronic Antibiotics.). PMA sensor.

Charge accumulation

MgO-based MTJ


Spin vs Orbital moment

What is the Spin?

model comparison

Questions & Answers

EB nanotechnology

Reticle 11

Measurement of Magnetic and Magneto- transport properties of FeCoB nanomagnets (New)


Spin and charge Properties

(model based on fact of distribution of conduction electrons into two groups of spin-polarized and spin-unpolarized electrons)



Spin-polarized/ unpolarized electrons

Spin statistics

electron gas in Magnetic Field

Pauli paramagnetism. Pauli and Stoner models. Features and limitations.

Spin Torque

Spin-Torque Current

Spin-Transfer Torque

Quantum Nature of Spin

Questions & Answers


Classical model of spin-up/down bands of the spin transport

(The applications of this model are limited, because this model has some incorrect assumption)



Basic Transport equations

Spin and charge currents

Spin drain

Non-magnetic metals

Ferromagnetic metals

Semiconductors (Basic)

Threshold spin current

Spin gain/damping

Spin Relaxation

Spin Hall/ Inverse Spin Hall effects

ee- interaction


Spin-Photon memory

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This topic is about my development of high-speed non-volatile optical memory



Operational principal

High-speed demultiplexing experiment


High-Speed Spin Injection

Spin-photon memory with MTJ

Fabrication Technology

EB nano fabrication

Reticle 10

Magneto-optical effect


Faraday rotation angle



Kerr rotation

non-linear constants

Origin of Magneto-optics


Transverse Magneto-Optical effect


Experimental observation of transverse MO effect

Properties of transverse MO effect

Origin of transverse MO effect

Transverse Ellipticity

Two contributions to transverse MO effect

Magnetization-dependent optical loss

Calculations of transverse MO effect in the case of multilayer structure

Optical excitation of spin-polarized electrons utilizing transverse MO


Giant Enhancement of Transverse MO effect

History and Future

Plasmonic. Plasmonic isolator. Si nanowire waveguides


Si nanowire fabrication technology

fiber/waveguide coupling setup

devices made of Si-waveguides

directional coupler

integration: plasmonic + Si waveguides

Comparison of two technologies of Integration of Si nanowire waveguide and plasmonic waveguide

Out-plane plasmonic confinement

plasmonic isolator

III-V plasmonic

AlGaAs waveguide (800 nm)

AlGaAs waveguide (1550 nm)

Si wire waveguide (1550 nm)

plasmonic on GaAs (800 nm)

plasmonic on GaAs (1550 nm)

plasmonic on Si (1550 nm)

plasmons in metal strip

in-plane confinement of plasmons

samples very old



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