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Spin and Charge Transport

Questions & Answers

I truly appreciate all questions. I have tried to answer all of them in details as greater as possibly I can.

The same content can be found in this paper ( or this site for a more upgraded version) .Chapter 3, pp. 7-11
Possible confusion!!: from 2014 to 2017 I have used names TIA and TIS for groups of spin-polarized and spin-unpolarized electrons, respectively. The reasons are explained here.


Q1. Is there any experimental proof of your model


Yes, all experimental data, I know, are well-matched to this model.

For example,

Comparison of theory and experiment for the Spin Proximity effect and the Spin Injection is here.

In contrast, the model of spin-up/spin-down bands is unable to explain several experimental facts.

For example,

The model of spin-up/spin-down bands can not explain the Spin Proximity effect (See here)


































I truly appreciate your comments, feedbacks and questions

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