Source of BsomDemo1

There are three source files for the BsomDemo1 applet:

All class files for BsomDemo1 are collected into an uncompressed archive file In case of Netscape Navigator ver.3, this archive can be used directly from a HTML file including

<applet archive="" code = "BsomDemo1.class"  width = 420 height = 450>
For the other browsers, it is necessary to extract the class files from the archive or the below package.

BSOM Software Package

The source files and the class files are also collected into a compressed archive file Bsom10.tar.gz (or Bsom10.tar.Z, This archive file also includes another applet `Bsom1', which is the extension of BsomDemo1 and can use user's data.

To uncompress the archive under UNIX, do

zcat Bsom10.tar.gz | tar xvf -
if you have the `gzip' program. Otherwise, do
zcat Bsom10.tar.Z | tar xvf -
Under Windows, uncompress `' using a tool such as Winzip.

Revision history

Nov 23 1996 updated