Revision History


Version 1.0

Aug. 8 1996

Version 1.1

Add new applet parameters: data and unit, which are the numbers of data points and inner units.

Sep. 17 1996

Version 1.2

Add new applet parameters: amax, amin, bmax, bmin, which are the powers of 10 for the maximums and minimums of hyperparameters.
Fix the bug that hyperparameter search is failed in the case of larger unit-sizes than 20.

Oct. 15 1996

Version 1.3

1. Add new applet parameters: init_weight, the size of initial weights; dstep, the size of a cell for calculating density.
2. A text field for setting the number of units is added.
3. By pressing the `density' button, estimated density is displayed using the gray scale.
4. Random seeds are changed whenever the `init' button is pressed.
5. In the auto-learn mode, pressing the `init' button resets the values of hyperparameters.
6. The `learn' button and `auto' button are linked. When the auto button is put on, the learn button is also put on. When the learn button put off, the auto button is also put off.

Nov. 12 1996


Version 1.0

Nov. 20 1996