Selected articles, by date:


Structural biology using electron microscopy. 
C.Sato, K. Mio, T.Shinkawa, M.Sato, M.Ohashi, M.Ikeda, M.Kawata, M.Koshino.
Plant Structural Biology (in press)

The Composition and Structure of Biofilms Developed by Propionibacterium acnes Isolated from Cardiac Pacemaker Devices.
K.Okuda, R.Nagahori, S.Yamada, S.Sugimoto, C.Sato, M.Sato, T.Iwase, K.Hashimoto, Y.Mizunoe.
Front Microbiol, 9, 182, p. 1-12, 2018

DNA origami scaffolds as functional tetrameric Kir3 K+ channels.
T.Kurokawa, S.Kiyonaka, E.Nakata, M.Endo, S.Koyama, E. Mori, Y.Suzuki, K. Hidaka, M.Kawata, C.Sato, H.Sugiyama, T.Morii, and Y.Mori.
Angewandte Chemie, 57, 2586-2591, 2018

Imaging of immuno-gold labeling in cells and tissues by helium ion microscopy.
C.Sato, S.Ogawa, M.Sato
Int J Mol Med, 42, 309-321, 2018

Molecular and Phenotypic Characterization of Superspreader Mutant of ESBL Plasmid Derived from Escherichia coli O104:H4.
M.Poidevin, M.Sato, I.Altinoglu, M.Delaplace, C.Sato, Y.Yamaichi.
Front. Microbiol., 9, 130, 1-11, 2018

Lipid environment of membrane proteins in cryo-EM based structural analysis.
K.mio, C.Sato.
Biophysical Reviews, 10, 307-316, 2018

In-Situ Observation for Formations of Gold Micrometer-Sized Particles in Liquid Phase Using Atmospheric Scanning Electron Microscopy (ASEM).
Y.Matsuno, E.Okonogi, A.Yoshimura, M.Sato and C. Sato.
Materials Transactions, 59(1),146-149, 2018


Chapter 10, Correlative light-electcron micoscopy in liquids using an inverted SEM (ASEM)
Chikara Sato, Takaaki Kinoshita, Nassirhadjy Memtily, Mari Sato, Shoko Nishihara, Toshiko Yamazawa and Shinya Sugimoto
Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy III, Volume 140 edited by  Thomas Muller-Reichert Paul Verkade,
Elsevier (2017)

Cutting Edge: Class II–like Structural Features and Strong Receptor Binding of the Nonclassical HLA-G2 Isoform Homodimer
Kimiko Kuroki, Kazuhiro Mio, Ami Takahashi, Haruki Matsubara, Yoshiyuki Kasai, Sachie Manaka, Masahide Kikkawa, Daizo Hamada, Chikara Sato, Katsumi Maenaka
The Journal of Immunology, 198 (9), 3399-3403, 2017

Short stop mediates axonal compartmentalization of mucin-type core 1 glycans
T.Kinoshita, C.Sato, TJ.Fuwa, S.Nishihara
Scientific Reports, 7: 41455, 2017


Secretory glands and microvascular systems imaged in aqueous solution by atmospheric scanning electron microscopy (ASEM).
T.Yamazawa, N.Nakamura, M.Sato, C.Sato.
Microsc Res Tech, 79:1179-1187, (2016)

Chapter 5, Observations in Liquids using an Inverted SEM.
C.Sato, M.Suga
Liquid Cell Electron Microscopy edited by Frances Ross, University Press, (2016)

Imaging of bacterial multicellular behaviour in biofilms in liquid by atmospheric scanning electron microscopy
S.Sugimoto, K.Okuda, R.Miyakawa, M.Sato, K.Arita-Morioka, A.Chiba, K.Yamanaka, T.Ogura, Y.Mizunoe, C.Sato.
Scientific Reports, 6: 25889, 2016 ( doi: 10.1038/srep25889.)

Impaired mineralization and compromised collagen production in Tric-b-knockout bone
C.Zhao, A.Ichimura, N.Qian, T.Iida, D.Yamazaki, N.Noma, M.Asagiri, K.Yamamoto, S.Komazaki, C.Sato, F.Aoyama, A.Sawaguchi, S.Kakizawa, M.Nishi, and H.Takeshima
science signaling, 9(428), ra49, 2016 ( doi: 10.1126/scisignal.aad9055.)

Structurak Biology and Electron Microscopy
Kazuhiro Mio, Masahiko Sato, Chikara Sato
Advanced Methods in Structural Biology, Chapter 15 (2016)

Mucin-type core 1 glycans regulate the localization of neuromuscular junctions and establishment of muscle cell architecture in Drosophila.
K.Itoh, Y.Akimoto, TJ.Fuwa, C.Sato, A.Komatsu, S.Nishihara.
Dev Biol., 412: 114-127, 2016


Development of an in-solution observation method using atmospheric scanning electron microscopy (ASEM)
T.Ogura, H.Nishiyama, M.Suga, C. Sato.
Synthesiology, 8: 162-173, 2015

Crystal structure of the RNA silencing Cmr complex bound to a target analog.
T.Osawa, H. Inanaga, C.Sato, and T.Numata.
Molecular Cell , 7;58(3):418-30. , 2015 , doi:10.1016/j.molcel.2015.03.018

X-ray and Cryo-EM structures reveal mutual conformational changes of Kinesin and GTP-state microtubules upon binding.
M.Morikawa, H.Yajima, R.Nitta, S.Inoue, T.Ogura, C.Sato, N.Hirokawa.
EMBO J. ,5;34(9):1270-86, 2015, DOI 10.15252/embj.201490588

Observation of tissues in open aqueous solution by atmospheric scanning electron microscopy: applicability to intraoperative cancer diagnosis.
N.Memtily, T.Okada, T.Ebihara, M.Sato, A.Kurabayashi, M.Furihata, M.Suga, H.Nishiyama, K.Mio And C.Sato.
Int J Oncol , 2015; 46: 1872-1882

Crystal structure of the Csm3-Csm4 subcomplex in the type III-A CRISPR-Cas interference complex
T.Numata, H.Inanaga, C.Sato, and T.Osawa,
J Mol Biol , 2015; 427: 259-273


New simulated annealing approach considering helix bending applied to determine the 8.8 A structure of 15-protofilament microtubules
T. Ogura, H. Yajima, R.Nitta, N.Hirokawa, C.Sato,
J Struct Biol , 2014;188:165-176

Small effect of upcoming reward outcomes on visual cue-related neuronal activity in macaque area TE during conditional association
K.Ohyama, Y.Sugase-Miyamoto, N.Matsumoto, C.Sato, M.Shidara,
Neuroscience Research , 2014;88:28-38

Atmospheric Scanning Electron Microscope System with an Open Sample Chamber: Configuration and Applications
H.Nishiyama, M.Koizumi, K.Ogawa, S.Kitamura, Y.Konyuba, Y.Watanabe, N.Ohbayashi, M.Fukuda, M.Suga and C.Sato,
Ultramicroscopy , 2014;147: 86-97

Immuno-Electron Microscopy of Primary Cell Cultures from GeneticallyModified Animals in Liquid by Atmospheric Scanning Electron Microscopy (ASEM)
T.Kinoshita, Y.Mori, K.Hirano, S.Sugimoto, K.Okuda, S.Matsumoto, T.Namiki, T.Ebihara, M.Kawata, H.Nishiyama, M.Sato, M.Suga, K.Higashiyama, K.Sonomoto, Y.Mizunoe, S.Nishihara and C.Sato,
Microscopy and Microanalysis , 2014; 20:469-483

Conformational variation of the translocon enhancing chaperone SecDF
K.Mio, T.Tsukazaki, H.Mori, M.Kawata, T.Moriya, Y.Sasaki, R.Ishitani, K.Ito, O.Nurekiand C.Sato,
J Struct Funct Genomics , 2014; 15:107-115

Positively Charged Nanogold Label Allows the Observation of Fine Cell Filopodia and Flagella in Solution by Atmospheric
Scanning Electron Microscopy

H.Nishiyama, K.Teramoto, M.Suga, and C.Sato,
Microscopy Research and Technique , 2014;77:153-160

Electron microscopy of primary cell cultures in solution and correlative optical microscopy using ASEM.
K.Hirano, T.Kinoshita, T.Uemura, H.Motohashi, Y.Watanabe, T.Ebihara, H.Nishiyama, M.Sato, M.Suga, Y.Maruyama, N.M.Tsuji, M.amamoto, S.Nishihara, C.Sato,
Ultramicroscopy , 2014; 143:52-66


Atmospheric Scanning Electron Microscope JASM-6200 with easy and rapid sample preparation
Mitsuo Suga, Hidetoshi Nishiyama, Kanae Teramoto, WATANABE Yoshiyuki, Chikara Sato,
Journal of analytical bio-science, 2013; 36: 235-244

Electron-light Correlative Microscopy in Open Solution by Atmospheric Scanning Electron Microscope (ASEM)
T. Ebihara, H. Nishiyama, M. Suga, C.Sato,
Advances in Imaging and Electron Physics, 2013; 179: 152-154

Ultrastructural analysis of nanogold-labeled cell surface microvilli in liquid by atmospheric scanning electron microscopy and their relevance in cell adhesion.
Murai T, Sato M, Nishiyama H, Suga M, Sato C,
Int J Mol Sci, 2013 Oct 16; 14(10):20809-19.

Novel Convergence-Oriented Approach for Evaluation and Optimization of Workflow in Single Particle 2D Averaging of Electron Microscope Images
T.Moriya, K.Mio, C.Sato,
Microscopy, 2013 Oct; 62 (5):491-513

Expression, purification, crystallization and preliminary crystallographic analysis of hepatitis B virus core protein dimerized via a peptide linker containing an EGFP insertion.
Kikuchi M, Iwabuchi S, Kikkou T, Noguchi K, Odaka M, Yohda M, Kawata M, Sato C, Matsumoto O.,
Acta Crystallogr Sect F Struct Biol Cryst Commun., 2013 Aug; 69(Pt 8):942-5.

Membrane Cholesterol Modulates the Hyaluronan-Binding Ability of CD44 in T Lymphocytes and Controls Rolling under Shear Flow.
T.Murai, C.Sato, M. Sato, H.Nishiyama, M.Suga. K.Mio, H.Kawashima,
J Cell Science, Aug 1; 126(Pt 15):3284-94

Multi-reference-based multiple alignment statistics enables accurate protein particle pickup from noisy images.
M.Kawata, C.Sato.
Microscopy. 62,303-315,2013

Susceptibility test of two ca-atpase conformers to denaturants and polyols to outline their structural difference.
A.Kotake, G.Tajima, Y.Maruyama, J.Nakamura, C.Sato.
J Membr Biol. 2013 Feb;246(2):141-9. Epub 2012 Nov 3.

Expression, purification, crystallization and preliminary X-ray crystallographic studies of hepatitis B virus core fusion protein corresponding to octahedral particles.
M.Kikuchi, S.Iwabuchi, T.Kikkou, K.Noguchi,M.Odaka, M.Yohda, M.Kawata, C.Sato, O.Matsumoto.
Acta Cryst. 2013 Feb 1;69(Pt 2):165-9. Epub 2013 Jan 31.


Stimulus related activity during conditional associations in monkey perirhinal cortex neurons depends on upcoming reward outcome.
K.Ohyama, Y.Sugase-Miyamoto, N. Matsumoto, M.Shidara, C.Sato.
J Neurosci. 2012 Nov 28;32(48):17407-19.

Atmospheric Scanning Electron Microscope for Correlative Microscopy. Ian E.G.Morrison, Clare L.Dennison,
Hidetoshi Nishiyama, Mitsuo Suga, Chikara Sato, Andrew Yarwood and Peter J.O’Toole.
Methods in Cell Biology Volume 111 Correlative Light and Electron Microscopy.
Academic Press  2012;111:307-24.

Immuno EM-OM Correlative Microscopy in Solution by Atmospheric Scanning Electron Microscopy (ASEM).
Y.Maruyama, T.Ebihara, H.Nishiyama, M.Suga, C.Sato
J Struct Biol. 2012 Nov;180(2):259-70. Epub 2012 Aug 29.

Direct Observation of Protein Microcrystals in crystallization buffer by Atmospheric Scanning Electron Microscopy.
Y.Maruyama, T.Ebihara, H.Nishiyama, Y.Konyuba, M.Senda, T.Numaga-Tomita, T.Senda, M.Suga,C.Sato.
Int J Mol Sci. 2012;13(8):10553-67. Epub 2012 Aug 22.

Conformational changes in tubulin in GMPCPP and GDP-taxol microtubules observed by cryoelectron microscopy.
H.Yajima, T.Ogura, R.Nitta, Y.Okada, C.Sato, N.Hirokawa.
J Cell Biol. 2012 Aug 6;198(3):315-22. Epub 2012 Jul 30.

Rapid imaging of mycoplasma in solution using Atmospheric Scanning Electron Microscopy (ASEM).
Sato C, Manaka S, Nakane D, Nishiyama H, Suga M, Nishizaka T, Miyata M, Maruyama Y.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2011 Dec 29. Epub 2011 Dec 29.


The Atmospheric Scanning Electron Microscope with open sample space observes dynamic phenomena in liquid or gas.
Suga M, Nishiyama H, Konyuba Y, Iwamatsu S, Watanabe Y, Yoshiura C, Ueda T, Sato C.
Ultramicroscopy. 2011 Dec;111(12):1650-8. Epub 2011 Aug 18.

Three-dimensional Structure of the Signal Peptide Peptidase.
Miyashita H, Maruyama Y, Isshiki H, Osawa S, Ogura T, Mio K, Sato C, Tomita T, Iwatsubo T.
J Biol Chem. 2011 Jul 22;286(29):26188-97. Epub 2011 Jun 2.

Mitsugumin 23 forms a massive bowl-shaped assembly and cation-conducting channel.
Venturi E, Mio K, Nishi M, Ogura T, Moriya T, Pitt SJ, Okuda K, Kakizawa S, Sitsapesan R, Sato C, Takeshima H.
Biochemistry. 2011 Apr 5;50(13):2623-32. Epub 2011 Mar 7.

Low cholesterol triggers membrane microdomain-dependent CD44 shedding and suppresses tumor cell migration.
Murai T, Maruyama Y, Mio K, Nishiyama H, Suga M, Sato C.
J Biol Chem. 2011 Jan 21;286(3):1999-2007. Epub 2010 Nov 17.


The C-terminal coiled-coil of the bacterial voltage-gated sodium channel NaChBac is not essential for tetramer formation, but stabilizes subunit-to-subunit interactions.
Mio K, Mio M, Arisaka F, Sato M, Sato C.
Prog Biophys Mol Biol. 2010 Sep;103(1):111-21. Epub 2010 May 26.

Single particle reconstruction of membrane proteins: a tool for understanding the 3D structure of disease-related macromolecules.
Mio K, Maruyama Y, Ogura T, Kawata M, Moriya T, Mio M, Sato C.
Prog Biophys Mol Biol. 2010 Sep;103(1):122-30. Epub 2010 Mar 17.

Keap1 is a forked-stem dimer structure with two large spheres enclosing the intervening, double glycine repeat, and C-terminal domains.
Ogura T, Tong KI, Mio K, Maruyama Y, Kurokawa H, Sato C, Yamamoto M.
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 Feb 16;107(7):2842-7. Epub 2010 Jan 27.

Atmospheric scanning electron microscope observes cells and tissues in open medium through silicon nitride film.
Nishiyama H, Suga M, Ogura T, Maruyama Y, Koizumi M, Mio K, Kitamura S, Sato C.
J Struct Biol. 2010 Mar;169(3):438-49. Epub 2010 Jan 15.


Reply to Thinnes: Is There Competition in Trafficking of VDAC-cored VRAC and SOC in NE Differentiation of Cells.
C.Sato, Y.Maruyama, T.Ogura, K.Mio, K.Kato, T.Kaneko, S.Kiyonaka, and Y.Mori.
J. Biol. Chem. 284(25), le4, 2009

Tetrameric Orai1 is a teardrop-shaped molecule with a long, tapered cytoplasmic domain.
Maruyama Y, Ogura T, Mio K, Kato K, Kaneko T, Kiyonaka S, Mori Y, Sato C.
J Biol Chem. 2009 May 15;284(20):13676-85. Epub 2009 Mar 16.

Selective and direct inhibition of TRPC3 channels underlies biological activities of a pyrazole compound.
Kiyonaka S, Kato K, Nishida M, Mio K, Numaga T, Sawaguchi Y, Yoshida T, Wakamori M, Mori E, Numata T, Ishii M, Takemoto H, Ojida A, Watanabe K, Uemura A, Kurose H, Morii T, Kobayashi T, Sato Y, Sato C, Hamachi I, Mori Y.
Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A. 2009 Mar 31;106(13):5400-5. Epub 2009 Mar 16.

Reconstruction of the P2X(2) receptor reveals a vase-shaped structure with lateral tunnels above the membrane.
Mio K, Ogura T, Yamamoto T, Hiroaki Y, Fujiyoshi Y, Kubo Y, Sato C.
Structure. 2009 Feb 13;17(2):266-75.

RECK forms cowbell-shaped dimers and inhibits matrix metalloproteinase-catalyzed cleavage of fibronectin.
Omura A, Matsuzaki T, Mio K, Ogura T, Yamamoto M, Fujita A, Okawa K, Kitayama H, Takahashi C, Sato C, Noda M.
J Biol Chem. 2009 Feb 6;284(6):3461-9. Epub 2008 Nov 20.


Three-dimensional reconstruction of human cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator chloride channel revealed an ellipsoidal structure with orifices beneath the putative transmembrane domain.
Mio K, Ogura T, Mio M, Shimizu H, Hwang TC, Sato C, Sohma Y.
J Biol Chem. 2008 Oct 31;283(44):30300-10. Epub 2008 Aug 22.

Structure of six-transmembrane cation channels revealed by single-particle analysis from electron microscopic images.
Mio K, Ogura T, Sato C.
J Synchrotron Radiat. 2008 May;15(Pt 3):211-4. Epub 2008 Apr 18.

The motor protein prestin is a bullet-shaped molecule with inner cavities.
Mio K, Kubo Y, Ogura T, Yamamoto T, Arisaka F, Sato C.
J Biol Chem. 2008 Jan 11;283(2):1137-45. Epub 2007 Nov 12.


Subunit dissociation of TRPC3 ion channel under high-salt condition.
Mio K, Ogura T, Kiyonaka S, Mori Y, Sato C.
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Single particle conformations of human serum albumin by electron microscopy.
Ueno Y, Mio M, Sato C, Mio K.
J Electron Microsc (Tokyo). 2007 Jun;56(3):103-10.

A statistically harmonized alignment-classification in image space enables accurate and robust alignment of noisy images in single particle analysis.
Kawata M, Sato C.
J Electron Microsc (Tokyo). 2007 Jun;56(3):83-92.

Three-dimensional reconstruction using transmission electron microscopy reveals a swollen, bell-shaped structure of transient receptor potential melastatin type 2 cation channel.
Maruyama Y, Ogura T, Mio K, Kiyonaka S, Kato K, Mori Y, Sato C.
J Biol Chem. 2007 Dec 21;282(51):36961-70. Epub 2007 Oct 16.

PCR method of detecting pork in foods for verifying allergen labeling and for identifying hidden pork ingredients in processed foods.
Tanabe S, Miyauchi E, Muneshige A, Mio K, Sato C, Sato M.
Biosci Biotechnol Biochem. 2007 Jul;71(7):1663-7. Epub 2007 Jul 7.

TRIC channels are essential for Ca2+ handling in intracellular stores.
Yazawa M, Ferrante C, Feng J, Mio K, Ogura T, Zhang M, Lin PH, Pan Z, Komazaki S, Kato K, Nishi M, Zhao X, Weisleder N, Sato C, Ma J, Takeshima H.
Nature. 2007 Jul 5;448(7149):78-82.

The TRPC3 channel has a large internal chamber surrounded by signal sensing antennas.
Mio K, Ogura T, Kiyonaka S, Hiroaki Y, Tanimura Y, Fujiyoshi Y, Mori Y, Sato C.
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A fully automatic 3D reconstruction method using simulated annealing enables accurate posterioric angular assignment of protein projections.
Ogura T, Sato C.
J Struct Biol. 2006 Dec;156(3):371-86. Epub 2006 Jul 22.

Three-dimensional structure of the gamma-secretase complex.
Ogura T, Mio K, Hayashi I, Miyashita H, Fukuda R, Kopan R, Kodama T, Hamakubo T, Iwatsubo T, Tomita T, Sato C.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2006 May 5;343(2):525-34. Epub 2006 Mar 9. Erratum in: Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2006 Jun 23;345(1):543. Iwastubo, Takeshi [corrected to Iwatsubo, Takeshi].


Visualization of the trimeric P2X2 receptor with a crown-capped extracellular domain.
Mio K, Kubo Y, Ogura T, Yamamoto T, Sato C.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005 Nov 25;337(3):998-1005. Epub 2005 Oct 3.

[Single particle analysis of sodium channel: 3D reconstruction from electron microscope images]
Ogura T, Mio K, Sato C.
Tanpakushitsu Kakusan Koso. 2005 Aug;50(10 Suppl):1284-91. Review. Japanese.

The non-selective cation-permeable channel TRPC3 is a tetrahedron with a cap on the large cytoplasmic end.
Mio K, Ogura T, Hara Y, Mori Y, Sato C.
Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005 Aug 5;333(3):768-77.


Role of arginine residues on the S4 segment of the Bacillus halodurans Na+ channel in voltage-sensing.
Chahine M, Pilote S, Pouliot V, Takami H, Sato C.
J Membr Biol. 2004 Sep 1;201(1):9-24.

Auto-accumulation method using simulated annealing enables fully automatic particle pickup completely free from a matching template or learning data.
Ogura T, Sato C.
J Struct Biol. 2004 Jun;146(3):344-58.

Inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate receptor contains multiple cavities and L-shaped ligand-binding domains.
Sato C, Hamada K, Ogura T, Miyazawa A, Iwasaki K, Hiroaki Y, Tani K, Terauchi A, Fujiyoshi Y, Mikoshiba K.
J Mol Biol. 2004 Feb 6;336(1):155-64.

Automatic particle pickup method using a neural network has high accuracy by applying an initial weight derived from eigenimages: a new reference free method for single-particle analysis.
Ogura T, Sato C.
J Struct Biol. 2004 Jan-Feb;145(1-2):63-75.


Topology representing network enables highly accurate classification of protein images taken by cryo electron-microscope without masking.
Ogura T, Iwasaki K, Sato C.
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The voltage-sensitive sodium channel has a bell-shaped structure with multiple cavities: structure reveled by single particle analysis.
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The Ca2+-ATPase of the Scallop Sarcoplasmic Reticulum Is of a Cold-adapted Type.
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Structure of the voltage sensitive sodium channel.

Yam8+, a schizosaccharomyces pombe gene, is a potential homologue of the saccharomyces cerevisiae MID1 gene encoding a strethch-activated Ca2+ -permeable channel .
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Efficient culturing of human melanocytes from suction blisters .
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We investigate the structure of proteins and molecular complexes at the macromolecular level, using a combination of Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM), and Optical Microscopy (OM).