Joint Research Projects with Other Reseachers

A Sharing Method of Engineering Data with Distinct Structure

Special Research

Toshio Kojima(Dept. of Applied Physics and Information Science), Hiroshi Masaki, Satoshi Imamura


Sharing engineering data among manufacturing systems with different data structures are essential for the total system integration. In the research project, efficient data exchange method based on STEP technology is pursued and evaluated by data sharing experiments among participating laboratories of local govenments.

Study of Open MRI-Guided Diagnosis/Treatment Concurrent System

Competititive R & D on Designated Technology

Yukio Yamada (Dept. Material Science and Bioengineering), Akira Tezuka


Open MRI-guided surgical treatment, or MR/T (MR Treatment), is a promising approach toward the minimum invasive surgery (MIS) and just-in-time diagnosis during the surgery. It leads to the better Quality-of-life (QOL) and the lower medicare costs. However, open MRIs are not roomy. Their imaging ability is not equivalent to high-tesla MRIs. Functional MRI (fMRI) is not practical. To enhance open-MRI guided surgery, we study a combination of MRI-compatible surgical manipulator(s) and near-infrared optical measurement system. The manipulator assists accessing to the legions, and optical system visualizes distribution of oxi/deoxidization of blood flow. We also study fast imaging sequence and intraoperative registration. The goal of this study is to demonstrate a concurrent system of diagnosis and treatment and its clinical evaluation. It is a joint project of MEL, The University of Tokyo, The Osaka University, and Tokyo Womens Medical Collage.

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