Research on Computational Mechanics for Unsteady Problems

Ordinary Research

Akira TezukaC Takeshi Suzuki

Outline of the Project
Numerical analysis for unsteady and nonlinear problems is widely used in mechanical design. However, there are still some problems in the stability, accuracy, and efficiency of calculation. In this research, new techniques for analysis will be developed based on the statistical simulation and the space-time FEM. The statistical simulation technique has advantages that it does not need numerical grid which cause above-mentioned problems, and can use Lagrangian model that is simpler than Eulerian model, e.g. Finite Deferential Method. The purpose of development is to make simple models for large scale simulations which are not able to be performed by the technique currently used. The space-time FEM, which controls the size of the time steps with the mesh size of the space, is expected to improve the stability and efficiency of calculation.

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