Toshihiro Matsui
Toshihiro Matsui
Research Coordinator
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology.
TEL +81-29-862-6028 (office) -6462 (personal)
E-Mail t.matsui@aist.go.jp

Academic Qualification

March, 1980    Bachelor of Engineering, Tokyo University; Major: Instruments and Applied Mathematics
March, 1982    Master of Engineering, Graduate School of Tokyo University; Major: Computer Science and Robotics
January, 1991 Ph. D, Graduate School of  Tokyo University;  Thesis: Integrated Robot Control System Based on Object-Oriented Models

Research / Job Careers

April, 1982    Researcher, Automatic Control Division, Electrotechnical Laboratory
  • Development of the Multimedia Display for advanced robot teleoperation
October 1989   Senior Researcher, Intelligent Systems Division, Electrotechnical Laboratory
  • Object Oriented Robot Programming Language, EusLisp
  • Applications of  Robots to Hostile Environment
August 1991-92 Visiting Scholar, Robotics Laboratory, Stanford University
  • 3D robot modelling for assembly planning of mechanical parts
1993-94  Chief, Research Planning Office, Electrotechnical Laboratory
August 1994
Visiting Scholar, Artificial Intelligent Laboratory, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Acoustic behaviors of  mobile robots
November 1995
Visiting Scholar, Robotics Laboratory, Stanford University
  • Mobile robot programming
Group Leader, RWI-Center, Real-World Computing Partnership (RWCP)
  • Autonomous learning system for office information service robots
  • Map learning of  mobile robot by spoken language interface
August 1999
Visiting Professor, Research Center of Information Systems and Engineering (RSISE), Australian National University (ANU)
  • Localization and mapping
1999-2001 Investigator, New AIST Start-up Office, Agency of Industrial Science and Technology
2001-2002 Senior Planning Officer, Planning Headquarters, AIST
Visiting Professor, Robotics Division, National Institute of Informatics
Principal Research Scientist, Digital Human Research Center
2005 Acting Director, Digital Human Research Center
2007 Research Coordinator (IT and Electronics), AIST


1 1986  T. Matsui
IPSJ Research Promotion Award for Young Researchers
Graphics functions of Multi-Media Display
2 1986  T. Matsui
RSJ Research Promotion Award for Young Researchers
Real Image functions of Multi-Media Display
3 1989  T. Matsui and M. Tsukamoto
5th ISRR Robotics Research Award
Integrated robot teleoperation using Multi-Media Display
4 1989  T. Matsui and M. Tsukamoto
RSJ Best Paper Award
Integrated robot teleoperation using Multi-Media Display
5 1990  T. Matsui and T. Ogasawara,
ETL Research Achievment Award
Lisp for Robotics
6 1992  H. Onda, T. Matsui, et al.,
SICE (Society of Instrumentation and Control Enginerring) Best Paper Award
Collision-free geometric path planning of 6-DOF manipulator by analysing configuration space
7 1992  T. Matsui
Moto-oka Memorial Award
Development of Multi-Media Display and object-oriented robot programming system, EusLisp
8 1994  T. Matsui, et al.
ETL Contribution Award
Network systems for ETL information research
9 1998  T. Matsui
Ministry of International Trade and Industries, Best Researcher Award
Object-oriented 3D geometric programming system, EusLisp
10 1999  Y. Motomura, T. Matsui, et al.,
Japanese Society of Artificial Intelligence, Best Research Award

11 2002  N. Yamasaki and T. Matsui
Robotics Society of Japan

12 2006 Toshihiro Matsui Best Presentation Award, 38th IEEE Computer Elements Workshop @ Vail, CO Realtime Processor for Robot Control
13 2007 T. Matsui and N. Yamasaki
International Starndard Development Award, IPSJ

14 2009 Toshihiro Matsui Fellow, Robotics Society of Japan

Research Topics

Toshihiro Matsui's past works

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