Press Release
  • "Co-creative Garment Making for Physically Impaired Persons (Reported by Mr. Noriyasu Higuchi)",
    The Fashion MACHINE NEWS, p.9, No. 696, December, 2017, JASMA
  • "Co-creative Garment Making for Physically Impaired Persons",
    The Fashion MACHINE NEWS, p.39, No. 684, August, 2016, JASMA
  • PACIFIC NORTHWEST MAGAZINE, The Seattle Times, Apr 11, 2004:
    The WACL (described as stashoulder-mounted camera and laser pointer) was introduced in "AT THE UW HIT LAB, THERE'S VIRTUE IN VIRTUAL REALITY"
  • Channel-J Nov. 18, 2000:
    The introduction of our research on visual wearables was broadcasted in Science & Technology of Japan on Channel-J

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