Preliminary Information:
3rd Japan-China-Korea
Joint Workshop on Robotics
Sept. 29 - Oct. 1, 2008    Toyama, Japan

Welcome Reception  (Preliminary):

Sept. 29, 2008     New Otani Resort UNAZUKI

18:30-19:15 Opening 
  • Welcome 
  • Performance of histrical dance (tentative)
  • Toast
19:15-20:30  Dinner

20:30-20:50 Reception Talk:
"The frontier spirit and the business scheme of Toyama medicine peddlers"
Mr. Tomohito NARIKAWA (Management consultant)

Patent medicine peddlers what is called "Baiyaku-san (賣藥さん) " have been the symbol of Toyama for more than 300 years. They have made efforts to offer ubiquitous services to their customers. This presentation shows not only history but also
the present-day meaning of them, hoping all the audiences to be exposed to a chance to think about desiable new robot services in the future.

20:50-21:00 Closing

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