¶ Setup & tools ¶

¶ Hyper-mini Processing system
(Local clean system, Hyper-mini Environmental system)

Hyper-mini processing system we have developed is a first total system adopted the local-clean environmental technique. It has achieved a zero-particle environment, which is never achieved in the usual type of clean room. Densities of environmental particles and gases like oxygen gas, dissolved oxygen (DO) in pure water, and water molecules as well as the particle density are controlled in this system. Using this system, any kind of physical and chemical processings can be performed to find noble phenomena and form noble products. Further, this is a model of a next-generation product technology that will be appeared after the present two types of product technology of the clean-room technology and the traditional system of factory with uncontrolled environment.

Hyper-mini Processing system

¶ Smart IV measurement system

Hand-made software for I-V measurement and analysis "IV Schot"
This is a hand-made software to measure and analyze etectric properties, focusing the measurement target on diode, especially on Schottky-type diode. It can aquire current-voltage (I-V) characteristics efficiently by varying the interval time of data aquisitions depending on the current order.

IV Schot

Desktop hardware setup for IV Schot
This compact desktop hardware has acheived a good current resolution with the order of 1fA. This is quite useful for research on leakage current in combination with the above hand-made software IV Schot.

IV Schot
Whole desktop system for IV measurements

IV Schot
a magnified photo of the shield box
with a small outer diameter of 11.6mm

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