¶ Dr. Shiro HARA

¶ Academic Background
1984 Bachelor. Engineering, Waseda Univ, Japan
1986 Ph.D course. in Prof. I. Ohdomari's group, Waseda Univ.
1988.10-1989.1 Research at FOM-AMOLF in Holland
1990 Ph.D. Engineering (Thesis: Study on Si/metal and SiC/metal interfaces)

¶ Professional Careers
1989-1990 Assistant professor in Waseda Univ.
1990-1993 Post Doc. Researcher at RIKEN Institute
1993 Research staff in Electrotechnical Lab.(ETL) of AIST, MITI
♣note: All laboratories including ETL under old AIST, MITI have been reorganized into a unified laboratory AIST, METI in 2001.
2001-2002 General Manager in
Research and Development Association for Future Electron Devices (FED)
2007 I proposed the Minimal Fab concept to reduce an investment cost of a semiconductor factory into 1/1000.
2010 I established Fab System Research Consortium of AIST(FSRC), and become the representative of FSRC.
2012 I established Minimal Fab Development Association and become the director, R&D division.
2012-2014 I promoted the national project "Innovative process technology development for minimal process line (minimal fab)" as the project director.

I am the group leader of Minimal System Group of Nanoelectronics Research Institute, AIST.

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