Microarray Analysis of Circadian Rhythm

Scientific name Organ Treatment Point DataSet Platform PubMed
Homo sapiens Skeletal muscle exercise 2 GDS894 Affymetrix Zambon2003
Macaca mulatta Adrenal gland LD 6 GDS2110 Affymetrix Lemos2006
Mus musculus Adrenal gland DD 12 GDS2232
Affymetrix Oster2007
Adrenal gland Per2/Cry1 double mutant , DD 2 GDS2233
Liver Adrenalectomized, LD 2 GDS1870 Affymetrix Oishi2005
Liver Clock and Cry mutant, DD 2 GDS413 Affymetrix Oishi2003
Aorta DD 12 GDS404 Affymetrix Rudic2003
Liver - custom Sakao2003
Liver SCN Ablation 7 - custom Akhtar2002
Rattus norvegicus Pineal LD 2 GSE12341
Affymetrix Bailey2009
Pineal gland
LD, DD 2 GDS1759 Affymetrix Tosini2005
Cultured cells:
SCN2.2, Fibroblasts
forskolin 9 GSE5810 Affymetrix Menger2007
Cultured cell: SCN2.2 forskolin? GDS1629 Affymetrix Menger2006
Cultured cell: Rat-1 fibroblasts serum shock - custom Duffield2002
Drosophila melanogaster - - - - (Review) Keegan2007
Brains sleep deprived (10) GDS1686 Affymetrix Zimmerman2006
Adult head LD, DD, ClkJrk Affymetrix Ueda2002
Adult head, body LD, DD, ClkJrk Affymetrix Ceriani2002
LD, DD, ClkJrk, per0, tim0 Affymetrix Claridge-Chang2001
Adult head DD, ClkJrk 6, 2 Affymetrix McDonald2001

How to find daily change of gene expression.

Open GDSxxx link.
Enter gene name in "Find gene in this DataSet.."
If there was no hit, enter other name for the gene.
The data set was put under "GSE". In some case, GSE contain no GDS and you cannot make gene search.

There are some good web site for mouse and fly databases:


GDSファイルを開き、 "Find gene in this DataSet.."に遺伝子名を入れます。