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Refereed Journal Articles and Proceedings

A1 Qiu, F., Fujita, S.*, Mhanna, R., Zhang, L., Simona, B., Nelson, B.J., (2015) Magnetic helical microswimmers functionalized with lipofectamine and DNA for targeted gene delivery. Adv. Funct. Mater. 25, 1666-1671. *Corresponding Author
A2 Onuki-Nagasaki, R., Nagasaki, A.*, Hakamada, K., Uyeda, T. Q. P., Miyake, M., Miyake, J. Fujita, S.*, (2015) Identification of kinases and regulatory genes required for cell migration using a transfected cell-microarray system. BMC Genet., 16:9. *Corresponding Author
A3 Qiu, F., Mhanna, R., Zhang, L., Ding, Y., Fujita, S., Nelson, B.J., (2014) Artificial bacterial flagella functionalized with temperature-sensitive liposomes for controlled release. Sens. Actuators B Chem., 196, 676-681.
A4 Enomoto, J., Takagi, R., Onuki-Nagasaki, R., Fujita, S.*, Fukuda, J.*, (2014) Reverse transfection in microchamber arrays for cell migration assays. Sens. Actuators B Chem., 190, 896-899. *Corresponding Author.
A5 Hara, Y., Ikuta, K., Onuki-Nagasaki, R., Fujita, S.*, (2014) Simple production of multiple copies of a microarray for the controlled release of small compounds in a cell-based screening assay. Proceedings of Biosensors 2014.
A6 Fujita, S.*, Onuki-Nagasaki, R., Fukuda, J., Enomoto, J., Yamaguchi, S. Miyake, M. (2013) Development of super-dense transfected-cell microarrays generated by piezoelectric inkjet printing. Lab Chip, 13, 77-80.
A7 Enomoto, J., Takagi, R., Nagasaki, R., Suzuki, H., Fujita, S.*, Fukuda, J.* (2012) Microdevice for cell migration assays using reverse-transfection., The Proceedings of Conference MicroTAS, *Corresponding Author
A8 Fujita, S.*, Fukuda, J., Enomoto, J., Kurita, R., Onuki-Nagasaki, R. (2011)Reverse Transfection to Adherent Cells on PEG Patterned Cell-Microarray, Proceeding of International Conference on Biofabrication, 47 *Corresponding Author
A9 Hakamada, K.1, Fujita, S.1, Miyake, J. (2010) In Silico Synchronization: A Novel Method for Synchronization of Mammalian Cells without any Exogenous Stressors. J. Biosci. Bioeng., 109, 62-66. 1Equal contribution
A10 Onuki-Nagasaki, R., Nagasaki, A., Hakamada, K., Uyeda, Q., P., T., Fujita, S.*, Miyake, M., Miyake, J. (2010) Transfection Microarrays for High-Throughput Phenotypic Screening of Genes Involved in Cell Migration; RNA Therapeutics: Function, Design, and Delivery. Method Mol. Biol., 629, 193-203 *Corresponding Author
A11 Fujita, S., Takano, K., Ota, E., Yoshikawa, T., Sasaki, C., Sano, T., Miyake, M.*, Miyake, J. (2010) New Methods for Reverse Transfection with siRNA from a Solid Surface; RNA Interference: From Biology to Clinical Applications. Method Mol. Biol., 623, 197-209 *Corresponding Author
A12 Iwamoto M., Taki, T., Fujita, S.* (2009) Selection of the biotin protein ligase by phage display using a combination of in vitro selection with in vivo enzyme activity. J. Biosci. Bioeng.,107, 230-234.
A13 Yamada, S., Hakamada, K., Munakata, T., Takano, K., Fujita, S.*, Miyake, M*, Miyake, J. (2009) The system for analyzing the event timing profile of each single-cell by using the model of neurite maturation of PC12D cells. Biosens. Bioelectron., 24, 1493-1497. *Corresponding Author
A14 Yamada, S., Fujita, S., Uchimura, E., Miyake, M.*, Miyake, J. (2009) Reverse Transfection Using Gold Nanoparticles; Micro and nano technologies in bioanalysis; Methods and protocols. Method in Mol Biol., Lee, J. W. and Foote, R. S. eds. Humana Press, 544, 609-616 *Corresponding Author
A15 Miyake, M, Yoshikawa, T., Fujita, S. Miyake, J. (2009) Transfection microarray for drug discovery, Molecular BioSystems, 5, 444-449.
A16 Onuki-Nagasaki, R.1, Nagasaki, A.1, Hakamada, K., Uyeda, Q., P., T., Fujita, S.*, Miyake, M., Miyake, J. (2008) On-chip screening method for cell-migration genes based on a transfection microarray. Lab Chip, 8, 1502-1506. 1Equal contribution, *Corresponding Author
A17 Yamada, S., Nomura, T., Takano, K., Fujita, S., Miyake, M*, Miyake, J. (2008) Expression of a chimeric CSF1R-LTK mediates ligand-dependent neurite outgrowth. Neuroreport., 19, 1733-1738. *Corresponding Author
A18 Yamada, S., Uchimura, E., Ueda, T., Nomura, T., Fujita, S., Matsumoto, K., Funeriu, D. P., Miyake, M*, Miyake, J. (2007) Identification of twinfilin-2 as a factor involved in neurite outgrowth by RNAi-based screen. Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun., 363, 926-930.
A19 Fujita, S., Ota, E., Sasaki, C., Takano, K., Miyake, M.*, Miyake, J. (2007) Highly efficient reverse transfection with siRNA in multiple wells of microtiter plates. J. Biosci. Bioeng., 104, 329-333.
A20 Uchimura, E., Yamada, S., Nomura, T., Matsumoto, K., Fujita, S., Miyake, M.*, Miyake, J. (2007) Reverse transfection using antibodies against cell surface antigen in mammalian adherent cell lines. J. Biosci. Bioeng., 104, 152-155. *Corresponding Author
A21 Yamada, S., Nomura, T., Uebersax, L., Matsumoto, K., Fujita, S., Miyake, M.*, Miyake, J. (2007) Retinoic acid induces functional c-Ret tyrosine kinase in human neuroblastoma. Neuroreport, 18, 359-363. *Corresponding Author
A22 Uchimura, E., Yamada, S., Uebersax, L., Fujita, S., Miyake, M.*, Miyake, J. (2007) A Method for Reverse Transfection Using Gold Colloid as a Nano-Scaffold. J. Biosci. Bioeng., 103, 101-103. *Corresponding Author
A23 Yamada, S., Uchimura, E., Ueda, T., Iguchi, F., Akiyama, Y., Fujita, S., Miyake, M.*, Miyake, J. (2006) Area based Analyzing Technique at Cell Array Experiment using Neuronal Cell Line. NanoBiotech., 2, 95-100. *Corresponding Author
A24 Fujita, S., Yamada, S., Hakamada, K., Miyake, M.*, Miyake, J. (2006) Development of Transfection Microarray and its Application. Proceeding of UT Symposium on Nanobio Integration, 1, 297-298.
A25 Fujita, S., Zhou, J-M., Taira, K. (2006) Ribosome-Inactivation Display System; Protein Engineering Protocols. Method Mol. Biol., 352, 221-236
A26 Fujita, S.*, Taki, T., Taira, K.* (2005) Selection of a Catalytically Active Enzyme In Vivo Via Phage Display of its Product . Letters in Drug Design & Discovery, 2, 475-478. *Corresponding Author
A27 Fujita, S., Taki, T., Taira, K. (2005) Selection of an Active Enzyme by Phage Display on the Basis of the Enzyme's Catalytic Activity in vivo. Chembiochem, 6, 315-321.
A28 Ikeda, Y., Kawahara, S, Yoshinari, K, Fujita, S., Taira, K. (2005) Specific 3'-Terminal Modification of DNA with a Novel Nucleoside Analogue that Allows a Covalent Linkage of a Nuclear Localization Signal and Enhancement of DNA Stability. Chembiochem, 6, 297-303.
A29 Inoue, A., Sawata, S. Y., Fujita, S., Taira, K. (2005) Additional RNA-Protein Interactions Facilitate in vitro Selection by Ribosome Display. Chemistry Letters, 34, 26-27.

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Reviews & Books (Only Japanese, Since 2005)

R1 藤田聡史* (2015)バイオ課からの四方山話、(2015)生物工学、93, 230-231
R2 榎本詢子、長崎玲子、藤田聡史*、福田淳二* (2013)細胞遊走関連遺伝子スクリーニングのためのマイクロデバイス、化学とマイクロ・ナノシステム会誌、12, (2), 42
R3 袴田和巳、藤田聡史、三宅淳(2012)導入された遺伝子は細胞分裂依存的に発現を開始する、生物工学、90, 83
R4 藤田聡史、福田淳二、袴田和巳、斉藤真人、大政健史*(2011)細胞マイクロチップの新展開 〜細胞評価技術の俯瞰的理解を目指して〜、生物工学、89, 675
R5 長崎玲子、長崎晃、藤田聡史*(2011)がん細胞単独運動メカニズム解明の有効なツールとなる細胞運動評価チップ、バイオサイエンスとインダストリー、69, 38-40
R6 藤田聡史*、長崎晃、三宅正人(2010)リバーストランスフェクション法とその応用、生物工学、88, 643-645
R7 長崎晃、長崎玲子、藤田聡史、上田太郎 (2009) 細胞運動関連遺伝子群のゲノムワイドスクリーニング法の開発、生化学、81 (5), 381-386 (IF:0.035)
R8 三宅淳、藤田聡史、三宅正人 (2007) トランスフェクションマイクロアレイと遺伝子ネットワーク解析技術、機能材料、27 (5), 45-52.
R9 藤田聡史、三宅正人 (2006) セルアレイとその応用、電気化学会誌、74 (11), 899-904.

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Patents (Only Japanese, Since 2005)

P1 特許番号:第5747240号、出願日:2009.9.18、名称:薬剤が細胞に与える影響を評価するシステム、発明人:藤田聡史、高野幸太、出願人:産業技術総合研究所
P2 特許番号:特開2014-176308、出願日:2013.3.13、名称:中空糸配列体を用いた細胞マイクロアレイチップ、発明人:藤田聡史、原雄介、生田健次郎、出願人:産業技術総合研究所、三菱レイヨン株式会社
P3 特許番号:特開2012-187072、出願日:2011.3.14、名称:細胞接着領域のマイクロパターンを有する細胞固定化基板の製造方法、発明人:藤田聡史、長崎玲子、栗田僚二、出願人:産業技術総合研究所
P4 特許番号:第5510783号、出願日:2009.9.18、名称:薬剤が細胞に与える影響を評価するシステム、発明人:藤田聡史、高野幸太、出願人:産業技術総合研究所
P5 特許番号:特開2009-72155、出願日:2007.9.21、名称:細胞状態同期化法、発明人:袴田和巳、藤田聡史、三宅淳、出願人:産業技術総合研究所
P6 特許番号:第5024823号、出願日:2007.5.30、名称:細胞運動性評価セルチップ、発明人:藤田聡史、長崎晃、三宅淳、長崎玲子、三宅正人、出願人:産業技術総合研究所

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