Welcome to the Miyazaki Lab

We study molecular microbial ecology, focusing on cellular individuality to understand collective function, adaptation, and evolution of microbial populations. Our lab is part of the Bioproduction Research Institute at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in Japan.


  • 04/2017 : New paper was published in FEMS Microbiology Reviews (Link)
  • 04/2017 : Shota Suenami (Postdoc) and Sotaro Takano (Postdoc) join our lab
  • 10/2016 : Kohei Fukuda (PhD sutudent) joins our lab
  • 04/2016 : Hirokazu Yano (Postdoc) joins our lab
  • 03/2016 : Ryo is awarded a Research Grant from the Human Frontier Science Program (Link)
  • 12/2015 : TV coverage in NHK "Scicence ZERO" (Link: Japanese)
  • 11/2015 : AIST Symposium (Link: Japanese)
  • 02/2015 : New paper was published in Frontiers in Microbiology (Link)
  • 01/2015 : New paper was published in Environmental Microbiology (Link)
  • 11/2014 : New paper was published in Journal of Bacteriology (Link)
  • 07/2014 : Our paper was recommended in Faculty 1000 (Link)
  • 06/2014 : New paper was published in PLoS Genetics (Link)

open positions

If you are interested in joining our lab for a master thesis, an internship, a Ph.D. thesis, or a Postdoc position, please contact us (Ryo Miyazaki). We would like to receive a short statement of your motivation, past/current researches, and your CV. The earlier you contact us the better, because there are several financial options.