The Coq Café


The Coq Café is a meeting held in AIST-RCIS by members of the Research Team for Software Security. Due to changes in the affiliation of attendees, the meeting management went offline. Past meetings are still displayed below to give an idea of issues that motivate us. People who share similar interests in the Coq proof assistant are welcome to contact us.


Participants can:

  1. Come with a problem they want to formalize in Coq and ask for help. Any problem is ok: research problems, exercises, etc. No expert-knowledge in Coq is required.
  2. Come with a Coq formalization and ask for feedback or help. It is ok to enter into details of the formalization.
  3. Come with an research output to share recent results.

Presentation material (slides, handouts, etc.) should not be necessary. White-board explanations are preferred. Live proofs are ok (a display device is always available).

Past meetings