Some interesting links to explore



International Union of Crystallography (IUCR)

This is the home of Acta Crystallographica as well as the International Tables of Crystallography (now A-F). There are also freely accessible tutorials on various aspects of crystallography. You should also check out Sincris, a software database for resources related to all aspects of crystallography.


A really neat molecular graphics program from my alma mater, the University of Illinois. It's free and worth taking a look. Try displaying some complicated molecules from the protein database, a free database of refined crystal structures for over 19551 compounds (12/2002).

Athena, Artemis

A set of graphics interfaces for XAFS (x-ray absorption spectroscopy) analysis by Bruce Ravel. Athena does the necessary background substraction and is a useful tool for examining data, while Artemis is a interactive fitting program to theoretical paths as calculated by feff (PI J.J. Rehr). They are very pleasant to use and they both run in Mac OS X. Athena and Artemis are both graphical front ends to ifeffit by Matt Newville of the University of Chicago. The XAFS community owes a debt of gratitude for the outstanding efforts of these two.



Things Macintosh


Get the latest news headlines for the macintosh


A searchable listing of all the latest versions of macintosh software

LaTeX on the Macintosh

A nice resource on all things TeXish for the macintosh. For scientific word processing take a look at TeXShop a wonderful front end for teTeX for mac os x by Gerben Werda.


An automated installation system for about 2000 different (free) unix packages maintained by a group of volunteers. It is hard to describe the bredth of fink, but, for example, ghostscript (a postscript interpreter), as well as a mac os x implementation of xfree86, a free X11 environment that runs side by side with aqua (the spiffy new mac os x interface). You can find all sorts of networking, graphics, even crystallography software there (e.g. ccp4 a suite of macrocrystallography programs).