gRTh means gRobot Technologyh, which is applied not only to industrial field but also to nonindustrial field such as human daily life support systems. RT-Middleware is a software infrastructure for RT systems. We have studied modularization of RT elements at software level. For that reason, RT-Middleware, which promotes application of RT in various field, have been developed.

>> RT-Middleware project web page
>> OpenRTM-aist: an implementation of RT-Middleware
>> OpenRTM-aist document
>> OpenRTM-aist document (short version)

Robot software architecture

Robotics research is making the transition from analysis to synthesis and integration. We have already had a lot of robotic basic functions enough to realize simple intelligent tasks, which makes human daily life more convenient. The research on the system integration of a basic robot function is becoming important in robotics in recent years. From such backgrounds, the necessity for the systematic knowledge for robot system integration has increased. the methodology for robot system integration independent from personsf experience and knowhow, and robot system platform to support it is also needed.

Media art and middleware

In this project, we aimed to expand the application field of Robot Technology by developing a set of communication tools called SmallConnection as an application example of RT. One of our goals is to develop a platform for designer and artists to easily create products using technology such as sensors and actuators. By using RT middleware, users that are not familiar with developing hardware can create products combining IO interfaces provided by RTUnit at a software level.

>> Media art unit "h.o"
>> SmallConnection series

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