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President of The Fullereneces, Nanotubes, and Graphene Research Socieity

Steering Committee Co-Chair of International Conferences on Science and Appolication of Nanotubes and Low-Dimensional Materials

Micro-Nano Fabrication lab. organized by 4 Universities consortium(LAB4U) in NANOBIC
PKU-UTokyo Joint Research Center of Excellence for Nanocarbons (JRCOE@PKU-UTokyo)

Carbon Nanotubes: Preparation, Characterization and Applications (#227) in Pacifichem 2015 at Honolulu (Dec. 15-20, 2015)

Nanotube-Graphene Site, NanoTherm Site, Link to Journals

Journal Editorial Works (Link to Journals of my interest)

Contact: maruyama.nano (at) aist.go.jp