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RWC Music Database: Royalty-Free Music

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last update: 2003/06/30
Introduction of "RWC Music Database: Royalty-Free Music"


The Royalty-Free Music Database consists of 15 songs, 10 well-known standard popular songs with English lyrics and 5 well-known children's songs with Japanese lyrics. All 15 public-domain songs were originally arranged, performed, and recorded for our database. This database was built to provide well-known popular songs, while the Popular Music Database contains only original popular songs.

More detailed information about this database is described in our paper in the references.

List of musical pieces:

RWC-MDB-R-2001 No. 1 – 15
Piece No. Cat. Suffix Tr. No. Title Artist (Vocal) Singer Information Length Tempo Live Instruments Used Drum Information
No. 1M01Tr. 01Chou chouHiromi AsakawaFemale2:07120Gt & Bs & HHDrum sequences
No. 2M01Tr. 02Musunde hiraiteHiromi AsakawaFemale2:10104GtDrum sequences
No. 3M01Tr. 03Akai kutsuHiromi AsakawaFemale2:5875Gt & Bs & HHDrum sequences
No. 4M01Tr. 04Nanatsu no koHiromi AsakawaFemale2:0870 Drum sequences
No. 5M01Tr. 05MomotaroHiromi AsakawaFemale2:10130GtDrum sequences
No. 6M01Tr. 06Jingle BellsDonna BurkeFemale [English]2:00115Gt & Bs & HHDrum sequences
No. 7M01Tr. 07Mary Had A Little Lamb Donna BurkeFemale [English]2:04100Gt & Bs & HHDrum sequences
No. 8M01Tr. 08I've Been Workin' On The RailroadJeff ManningMale [English]2:06130Gt & HHDrum sequences
No. 9M01Tr. 09Home on the RangeJeff ManningMale [English]2:34100GtDrum sequences
No. 10M01Tr. 10Yankee DoodleJeff ManningMale [English]2:25116Gt & HHDrum sequences
No. 11M01Tr. 11John Brown Had A Little IndianDonna BurkeFemale [English]2:10120GtDrum sequences
No. 12M01Tr. 12When the Saints Go Marching inJeff ManningMale [English]2:04200GtDrum sequences
No. 13M01Tr. 13Silent Night Donna BurkeFemale [English]1:5870 Drum sequences
No. 14M01Tr. 14Turkey In The StrawDonna BurkeFemale [English]2:04180GtDrum sequences
No. 15M01Tr. 15My BonnyJeff ManningMale [English]1:4680 Drum sequences

Note that the tempo values in the table are rough estimates and should not be used as data for research purposes.

The following are instrument abbreviations used in the table.
HH:Hi-hat only

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