Eutrophication Control through Food Web Management in Estuarine Lagoons

- A Case Study of Lake Shinji and Lake Nakaumi -

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Lake Shinji / Lake Nakaumi

Lake Name L. Shinji L. Nakaumi
State (Prefecture) Shimane Shimane/Tottori
Surface area 79.2km2 86.8km2
Length of shoreline 48km 169km
Altitude 0.0m 0.0m
Maximum depth 6.0m 17.1m
Lake formation Lagoon Lagoon
Lake type Eutrophic lake Eutrophic lake
Water quality Brackish Brackish
Transperency 1.4m 1.1m
Survey fiscal year 1962-1963 1962-1963
The above-mentioned data is the information at the time of survey year.
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